Can You Beat Skyrim With Only The Wabbajack? 

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The worst part about Skyrim is how predictable the weapons are. The Sword is a Sword, the fire spell does fire stuff, summoning a transparent purple dog is just boring. But what if you wanted to roll the dice and let the gods of fate determine what kind of attack your weapon does against an enemy? Can You Beat Skyrim With Only The Wabbajack?
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Can You Beat Skyrim With Only The Wabbajack? (in text form)
Intro stuff, an escape attempt, I chose a Wood Elf as my race for reasons I don’t remember, named myself Dragonborn to make believe they were calling me by my name, Alduin arrived, I entered Helgen Keep, navigated my way through it without attacking any enemies as I’ve done many times by now, it’s not all that difficult, and I emerged out into the world of Elder Scroll 5 ready to search for my weapon.
This probably won’t surprise you, there was a lie in that last paragraph. If you’ve seen my Skyrim Telekinesis Spell playthrough, you have a general idea of what’s coming. Without getting into the specific ways I tried to a God with a box of matches, I failed a challenge intended for Mitten Prime and instead of starting a new character for this challenge, I loaded a save about halfway through Helgen Keep and kept going. The problem is that I used swords to decapitate arms from their bodies and a sword is, of course, not the Wabbajack. So I failed the challenge before it ever really began. But I’m not letting that little detail derail this entire playthrough. Moving onward into the misery, my first stop was the carriage driver outside Whiterun. He rode me to Solitude so I could begin the Mind of Madness quest that would eventually lead to me obtaining the Wabbajack. You’ve gotta find this guy, this weirdo, this sick ing maniac who worships Sheogorath, the mythic warlord of nonsense. He, the guy not the God, resides in Solitude.
Finding him was a challenge in and of itself because, despite having a picture of him etched inside my eyeballs, I had no idea where he lived or where to find him. Eventually I found him wandering through the Bone Orchard, we discussed how his master abandoned him at such extreme decibels that even the dead could hear us, I agreed to help him, and was off to track down the magical hip bone. I’d have offered up my own but I always get the tailbone and hip mixed up. My brother used to get purple and orange mixed up when we were little. Probably just a genetic malfunction on top of the dozens of others that plague our bloodline.
I convinced a woman inside the Blue Palace to let me into Pelagius’ Wing, got covered in webbing, and was invited, against my will, into the Mind of Madness where good ol’ rainbow shirt guy was enjoying a meal. As soon as he mentioned cheese, I knew we were going to exist in the same dimension for a time. After taking his fork, I’ve always wanted an imaginary fork, I delivered the message from Dervenin. I was hoping he’d have me enter the arena and do battle with Stanley, the talking Grapefruit, but it was not to be. Once he told me I already knew him even if I didn’t know it yet, he explained that I was inside the mind of the long since dead Emperor Pelagius, I had me the Wabbajack, and began easing the worried mind of Pelagius.


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Lee Hicks
Lee Hicks پیش 18 ساعت
This was a perfect idea
Kaden Yakesch
Kaden Yakesch پیش روز
"I slit my hands throat"- Mitten Squad-2020
James Mclean
James Mclean پیش روز
Mitten Squad may not have done it but we no know we can beat Skyrim with only the Wabbajack
Jade French
Jade French پیش 3 روز
I get orange and green confused even now 😂
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez پیش 3 روز
Does shegromath remind you of two face
EyeBitten پیش 4 روز
2:22 D:
Nicólas Inabox
Nicólas Inabox پیش 6 روز
Every time I heard his say Wabbajack I thought he meant the rabbit with horns as I have this playing in the background
Ben Ivanov
Ben Ivanov پیش 7 روز
platapus butt
platapus butt پیش 7 روز
3:12 had me dying of laughter
Raymond Garcia
Raymond Garcia پیش 8 روز
After seeing your face, the comment about covering an acre of land with human skin is actually now terrifying.
Shipmaster پیش 9 روز
10:08 "Learned of Paarthurnax from the greyest of beards" killed me XD
J T پیش 9 روز
That stupid peace agreement can be avoided by doing the civil war. Probably not as quick but definitely not as boring.
Korus پیش 9 روز
Anyone here after that sexy face reveal?
Just a Bunch of Atoms
Just a Bunch of Atoms پیش 11 روز
i got the spiffing brit reference, who else?
Levi Powell
Levi Powell پیش 12 روز
He failed the challenge in less than a minute into the video. Has to be a personal record.
Dillon Hume
Dillon Hume پیش 12 روز
Am I the only one who really likes the peace meeting?
Meme Lord
Meme Lord پیش 12 روز
Sometimes it seems like he never beats a game only using or doing a specific thing.
William Daun
William Daun پیش 13 روز
Wait, do the soulgems have to be filled?
William پیش 14 روز
Susan Wabbajack
Alex Stanchfield
Alex Stanchfield پیش 15 روز
The way he says "Wabbajack"
SurvalistGamer پیش 15 روز
mine glitched so i cannot complete the main quest :(
Joey idc
Joey idc پیش 16 روز
I turned something into cheese I just can't remember what I might be because of my mods idk
Kris Freedman
Kris Freedman پیش 16 روز
12:26 have you never used the dragonbane on him?? cuts that boi like cake
KingViper Xx
KingViper Xx پیش 16 روز
Did ya see aiernarth (or whatever the f$&k it is) I exhaled loudly on the big dragon
Unlicht پیش 17 روز
I have a idea for a roleplay char ..... poisonrune , wabbajack and light armor .... baba yaga is born
zanerkin dardis
zanerkin dardis پیش 19 روز
9:00 "obstigulp"
Edward Hyde
Edward Hyde پیش 19 روز
Did he make a spiffing Brit reference?.....
The Showman
The Showman پیش 21 روز
You forgot about the college of winterhold chest that gives you a lot more gems Wait nvm forgot that you had to use a spell to get in
Finn Hunter Taylor
Finn Hunter Taylor پیش 21 روز
Is it just me or did arngeir have tits hahaha 10:20
Flying Walnut
Flying Walnut پیش 22 روز
I shouldn't have watched this video. I just reinstalled Skyrim, downloaded 40 some mods for Immersion, and now i'm going to waste my life again.
Bailey Xavier
Bailey Xavier پیش 22 روز
You can also turn people into piles of coins and sweetrolls
Red emerald
Red emerald پیش 23 روز
Without this man I wouldn't know where the game began
Shlomo & Shlomore
Shlomo & Shlomore پیش 23 روز
This dude is hilarious! He sounds a bit, like he's trying to talk with as deep of a voice as he's able to... but still f'n hilarious
UnknownCleric2420 پیش 24 روز
Did drunk Mitten Squad actually wrote that shit at 9:44 in the captions because that looks like a god tier shitpost
moofiche پیش 26 روز
5:52 the world's biggest crossover event in history
Damian Bisha
Damian Bisha پیش 27 روز
You should have taken that sword to enchanting table and rename it Wabbajack and challenge would be legit
Calum Innes
Calum Innes پیش 27 روز
“go to dawn star” honestly wonder if anyone’s gone to dawn star for anything else
Falcon Munch!
Falcon Munch! پیش ماه
Well you cheated when you used the blades sooo CHALLENGE FAILED this is a joke btw
Troy Prince
Troy Prince پیش ماه
What if the sweet roll became Malbor?
Grown Suggul
Grown Suggul پیش ماه
does anyone know which mods he is using to improve the visuals of the game? If you have any similar ones feel free to respond :)
Lukas Canon and his Idiot squad
The only attack the wabbajack is demonetize
Jayson Mayott
Jayson Mayott پیش ماه
Mitten If you read this, I think an intentionally bad weapon mod, or regular unupgraded modded weapon mod would be a great video series, like "[mod] can you beat skyrim with only (mod name)?" Im sure those videos would be awesome, and can go along side your normal series! Anyways i loved the video keep up the good work!
internetguy پیش ماه
yes,yes you can but it will take a while
Mike Muller
Mike Muller پیش ماه
I enjoyed the Spiffing Brit reference.
lsmeghammerl پیش ماه
Is there an only using frenzy run?
alois trancy
alois trancy پیش ماه
5:53 spiffing Britt reference?
Liam L I A E
Liam L I A E پیش ماه
I just found my new favorite youtuber
chase nash
chase nash پیش ماه
“I melted a deaf chick, because I knew she had a bucket hidden in her p****”😂😂
Ben H
Ben H پیش ماه
13:40 lol
J. Farmer
J. Farmer پیش ماه
That Spiffing Brit reference was very welcome
kylerknows پیش ماه
Okay im really starting to get tired of waiting for the new Elder Scrolls. Like, yall out here making shitty fallout games & its been 10 years since we had an Elder Scroll game that isn't ESO
lucca ferla
lucca ferla پیش ماه
no because you need money or conjuration
Yes پیش ماه
Meeting the greybeards 0_____0
Sean Lowder
Sean Lowder پیش ماه
I once shot a bandit with the wabbajack and he exploded into coins and left a ghostly puddle
nuclearcactus 121
nuclearcactus 121 پیش ماه
The dragon ate me instead killed me
Chip پیش ماه
I shall use the staff my HOK gave to my dovahkiin
Jace Smith
Jace Smith پیش ماه
the first playthrough on skyrim i trapped the dragon without talking to anyone or having the meeting and i didn't even know that meeting was a thing tbh so u can do it differently i just dont remember how
Jace Smith
Jace Smith پیش ماه
i cannot believe that woman fit a bucket up there
Shawdow leaf
Shawdow leaf پیش ماه
Hey I just wanted to see if you could do this video idea I have it's can you beat skyrim with only a dagger litterly no has done it probably because it's a dum idea but I think you should do it and get the best dagger in the game
Big Beerus
Big Beerus پیش ماه
"Perfectly balanced game with no exploits" lol you watch spiffing britt i see
Jeff Riddle
Jeff Riddle پیش ماه
Are there any of these that are done without exploits and not on easy mode?
RazzBerri پیش ماه
Is it just me or will he never complete one of these challenges simply because he has to sneeze on Parthinax?
slkgfj پیش ماه
Why can I locate more of 'Drunk Mitten Squad' quotes? They sound... Interesting.
Valentin K
Valentin K پیش ماه
so you simply skipped the challenge with the soulgems? That's the only thing that makes it difficult.. as you said, you simply spammed the staff long enough to have the fitting effects. There is no challenge if you don't have to hope for the damage spells. Obvious exploiting is like cheating. You cold have also /kill the enemies.. I like your videos, but this wasn't really a challenge.
MarWi16A پیش ماه
You forgot to mention that you need filled soul gems
Robert Marsh
Robert Marsh پیش ماه
I'm so glad I just stumbled upon this channel
Alika Andrade
Alika Andrade پیش ماه
Ahhhh, a man of culture. You deserve a cup of Yorkshire Tea.
Wyatt Davis
Wyatt Davis پیش ماه
Who hurt mitten...? I mean, he’s a psychopath for a reason, right? Or maybe it’s because of all these “can you beat” challenges.
The N-Word
The N-Word پیش ماه
Mitten: "Because Skyrim is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits" Me: *sips Yorkshire gold*
Black Coffee Planet
Black Coffee Planet پیش ماه
Can we have the mod list you use?
Kona's Kingdom
Kona's Kingdom پیش ماه
He didn’t take the skooma lol
Tom Danner
Tom Danner پیش ماه
"I melted a dead chick because I knew she had a bucket hidden in her p****" This video is art
Cozmo the Magician
Cozmo the Magician پیش ماه
LAFFID MY FOOOKINZ AZZZIE OFF sooo much.. Great job.. I MUST do this.
Peng Windk
Peng Windk پیش ماه
Quality entertainment 👌
Wassim Akram
Wassim Akram پیش ماه
when the game has been out for almost 10 years u gotta get creative lowkey since Elder scolls 6 ain't coming tell 2030 they should give us Oblivion remastered
rob torres
rob torres پیش ماه
Homeless, hungry, starving and need help. Havent eaten since Saturday and have no family or options left. If anyone could help out with a dollar or anything it mean more than you know. $Robertoc1992
Miles McCanna
Miles McCanna پیش ماه
The madman spent like an hour to skip a 20 minute conference that he couldn’t skip anyway
Noah Tackett
Noah Tackett پیش ماه
I'm okay with tutorial sequences not counting for challenges dude, go ahead lol
Levy Atã
Levy Atã پیش ماه
"I slit my hand's throat"
Thubtan Rinchen
Thubtan Rinchen پیش ماه
Can you beat Skyrim With only Scrolls?
Braeden Tiemann
Braeden Tiemann پیش ماه
Paul. Can you beat the batman arkham series no damage run? I expect to see your reply soon Kisses 😘 P.s if I've learned anything in this god forsaken land that is youtube it is thar commenting on every video is the best way to get your attention 👀
crowncontrol پیش ماه
Bro you can beat Skyrim with Skyrim
Charlotte Randall
Charlotte Randall پیش ماه
Can you beat Skyrim without jumping? Can you beat Skyrim without killing anyone? Can you beat Skyrim with only a shield?
Ps Now
Ps Now پیش ماه
Jesus is coming soon have belief and faith and trust in him
Adam O'Hare
Adam O'Hare پیش ماه
I frecking hilarious when you use the wabbajack, and then the once bad enemy turns into wheels of cheese rolling down the hill.
carlsiouxfalls پیش ماه
I've never seen that peace meeting. I've played through the game 4 times I think. I guess I always wrap up the civil war before getting to that point in the story.
XxGood BoyxX
XxGood BoyxX پیش ماه
i always find Derveinn and i don’t know how to do the quest so OOFIESZszZzZzAaAA
The Guy
The Guy پیش ماه
susan wabbajack
ethan gouthro
ethan gouthro پیش ماه
This is just spiffing
sam whary
sam whary پیش ماه
Your dialogue in this video is just perfect. XD
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass پیش ماه
FFS blow your nose before recording your voice.
Ryan Something
Ryan Something پیش ماه
Jeezis that voice... do you have a shoe stuffed up each nostril?
This_Is_Connor123 پیش ماه
Susan wabbajack
Alex Hamilton
Alex Hamilton پیش ماه
Just augment the wabbajack to only turn enemies into sweetrolls. Roleplay a dumb D&D character. Profit?
Luigi Pelino
Luigi Pelino پیش ماه
I can't understand if he hates Bethesda and skyrim or if he loves them
MultiBearsfan54 پیش ماه
Is it just me or does it look like this man sucks at Skyrim?
mrgnface11 پیش ماه
This voiceover was like secretly weird to begin with, but then it just got crazy and now I’m crying. Thank you.
Xdlife 1200
Xdlife 1200 پیش ماه
5:53 nice spiff reference
Sawyer Weathers
Sawyer Weathers پیش ماه
Sheogorath metreon zenthos
balls in 3d
balls in 3d پیش ماه
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