Can You Beat Skyrim With Only Restoration Spells? 

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Skyrim has a lot of magic in it. Shouts, Alteration, Galvanization, Restoration, Approximation, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, and more. Most of these are designed to inflict pain, to do direct damage to an enemy. But there’s one school of magic that is used almost exclusively for creating health and preserving life. Can You Beat Skyrim With Only Restoration Spells?
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Can You Beat Skyrim With Only Restoration Spells? (in text form)
I started Skyrim, wasn’t at the 35th Annual Tamriel Wagon Gymnastics Competition, picked an Imperial as my race because they’re the only race that start with 25 in Restoration, named myself something that a certain someone in a certain mouse movie discord server refuses to say, and entered Helgen Keep. There are a few good things that happen right off the bat. First, you always start with Health, a Restoration spell. That was actually the only good thing. I very briefly let a few soldiers use my body as a sword punching bag, picked locks, ignored buckets because what kind of weird nasally freak would collect buckets, and escaped into Skyrim from within Skyrim itself.
The issue now becomes… how the hell do you deal damage to anything with a Restoration spell? In the base game, you don’t, not really. If you don’t have any of the DLCs installed this run becomes stupid difficult. The best you’d be able to do is get Restoration up to level 90 and somehow acquire the Bane of the Undead spell which sets Undead up to level 44 on fire and makes them flee for 30 seconds. But not everything you face is undead, in fact, nothing you face is even alive because this is a video game.
As luck would have it, there is a single Restoration spell in Skyrim that can damage living and unliving targets alive, without having to resort to calling them mean names. Poison Rune: an Adept level spell that does 3 points of poison damage per second for 30 seconds. If your IQ is on par with the drawing sticks in a box of crayons, you may be thinking that it doesn’t count because it’s Poison damage, to which I say: I’m not worried. The game calls it a Restoration spell, so it’s a Restoration spell. As I haven’t played Elmo’s Number Journey yet, the problems are seemingly infinite. The most important one in the only time zone that matters is that it requires Restoration at 50 to be able to do that.
In the last few explanatory paragraphs, I’ve likely activated the Mage stone to make Magic skills level up quicker, discovered Bleak Falls Barrow, and begun taking punishment from Bandits. I did that for a while but it’s too slow. Like the great Billy Mays once said, there’s gonna be a better way. And there is. Tucked away in desolation lies a location you’ve probably never heard of. Once I say the name, even the most fanatical Skyrim fans will be asking themselves “what place is he talking about?”. High Hrothgar. That’s what us liars refer to as a joke. I couldn’t take the front door into the temple, the old men have locked themselves away while they examine each other’s backs for moles and count wrinkles. Getting over the temple and into the courtyard is as simple as bending your ankles until you hear something snap and running up the mountain with your feet that are effectively pool noodles wearing boots.


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The Zipper
The Zipper پیش 10 ساعت
he failed. he used somthing other then restoration to get true the spider webs in bleekfals..
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From the Game Throne
From the Game Throne پیش 2 روز
That easier than my sister joke, was brutal. I love it.
Kendall N
Kendall N پیش 2 روز
Dude sounds like he clogged his nose with tp or something
IM NOT REAL پیش 4 روز
Hacksaw Ridge
Radek Hornik
Radek Hornik پیش 4 روز
Ymfah will remember that.
Tomas Turner
Tomas Turner پیش 5 روز
15:09 "...entered the entrance guarding the entryway to the main entrée..." I seriously choked on this :D
TheBros2theend پیش 7 روز
God bless heal and save you
Thatguyintheroom 14
Thatguyintheroom 14 پیش 7 روز
No you failed 15:44
꧁꧁Jessica Berry꧂꧂
...You know you can also level restoration faster by taking drowning damage. You didn't have to climb the world's largest mountain to do what a small swim in a pond could do just as well. Lol
Andrew Cool
Andrew Cool پیش 8 روز
I wonder why he never uses Enchanted gear is it for more of the challenge?
Superbug 3003
Superbug 3003 پیش 8 روز
"to check their backs for moles"
Dragon King
Dragon King پیش 9 روز
I have 50 million hours, a million character builds, found every Easter Egg, beaten every quest line 100 times, exterminated the entirety of the dragon race 1000 times, even cooked food as the Gourmet for these Emperor himself. Never once have I heard of this place you call High Hrothgar. You're gonna need to show me proof of this place with a detailed video of its exact location.
The Mindful Mage
The Mindful Mage پیش 11 روز
Love your video! Keep up the great work. If you have a second go have a browse of my page ☺️✨
Esoteric Brain
Esoteric Brain پیش 11 روز
20 seconds in and he uses a shout 😂🤣
ItsTK پیش 11 روز
U can also use equilibrium to level restoration super fast
Sir Billius
Sir Billius پیش 11 روز
I literally never use restoration. Maybe I should try at some point it just seems like pure cancer to level.
He’s Not Bad
He’s Not Bad پیش 15 روز
Do alteration next
PUG PUG پیش 16 روز
theres dragons and people who zoom forward when the go reeeee and your asking how you fu kign charicter can fit 4 cabbages
Kevin Ennis
Kevin Ennis پیش 17 روز
If anyone wants to emulate this run for shits, I reccomend trying to block spells with wards to boost.
TheLostOne پیش 17 روز
UwU to yUwU Mitten
Patrick Benton
Patrick Benton پیش 19 روز
Fuck you and your voice I’m subscribing
lane russell
lane russell پیش 19 روز
You dont have to wait to go to soulsteim you can.go anytime you want
Brian Cooley
Brian Cooley پیش 20 روز
Couldn’t you use better restoration spells against the draugr? Lol
Gotcha gacha
Gotcha gacha پیش 20 روز
The Annilators
The Annilators پیش 20 روز
Jarl Barlgrif (definitely misspelled that but I don’t care enough to check) should have been in the basement of the Solitude Castle. But he’s not Jarl of Whiterun at that point, one of the Graymanes are. You should have spoken with them
The Unwanted Stuff
The Unwanted Stuff پیش 20 روز
I tried to beat Skyrim by only approximation.... couldn't beat it
Jus G
Jus G پیش 21 روز
Get a the strongest follower max him out and then beat the game
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub پیش 22 روز
At the start you make alot of effort to avoid having a companion being the killer while you just heal and explain how dismissing them is okay though.. At 20:20 you just ignore that.. If we would knew the rules you set for yourself before the video starts it would be great, better if you commit to your own rules and best if they just stay the same for every vid but whatever
Phillip McDougall
Phillip McDougall پیش 22 روز
step brothers reference...nice
ElysetheEevee پیش 23 روز
I love your scripts lol. You have a hilarious way of saying shit. I love it.
Flintyblock 4436
Flintyblock 4436 پیش 23 روز
2:59 I don’t know why I find this so funny, but I can’t breath.
MrBetzel پیش 23 روز
i wish i could like the video again
Chase Olson
Chase Olson پیش 24 روز
Would using the ebony mail be cheating?
Nightwalker170 پیش 26 روز
Progress? You can just walk to the harbor of bigot city and pay the Cap'n to take you to Solstiem at lvl 1. Also, lesser ward makes vanilla dragons a bit of a joke. Just hide behind your ward, laugh at it's breath attacks, and cheer Lydia on as she murders things for you. Followers are as valid as traps. Just keep them alive and eat popcorn. lol
imaencuru پیش 27 روز
Sunfire spells were too much effort I guess
Elias Panayi
Elias Panayi پیش 29 روز
Challenge idea: can you beat skyrim?
Dre Gan
Dre Gan پیش ماه
Still better than telekinesis
ThiccAstley پیش ماه
I beat the game with Restoration and a shield so yeah, that's totally doable.
Billy Waffles
Billy Waffles پیش ماه
0:57 something... somethings off here, i can feel it, a disturbance in the force, a reckoning on the horizon, somethings different, *but what*
Travis Newton
Travis Newton پیش ماه
You can go to solshtiem straight out of helgen.
John luke
John luke پیش ماه
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So Forlorn
So Forlorn پیش ماه
He got down on one knee, and I said yes because he went to Jared 😂
002DrEvil پیش ماه
Colette Marence would have been proud
Tyler Handtke STUDENT
Tyler Handtke STUDENT پیش ماه
@Mitten Squad you know you can still go to solstheim without doing the main quests you just need gold
Riel پیش ماه
Bethesda doesn't like fucking around with Restoration magic but in the lore there are disease spells and other shit that belong on the restoration category of spells. Which is interesting.
King squishy1256 W
King squishy1256 W پیش ماه
I hate Lydia because she always dies whenever I have her following me I’ll kill the boss and I’ll turn around and see her corpse laying on top of a fence post I have to go back save before I kill the boss
MultiOpolis پیش ماه
So many ads, almost unwatchable
GnarlyBoyJAI پیش ماه
Sentient chocolate milk mix 😂😂😂
A very sleepy octopus
A very sleepy octopus پیش ماه
At 4:22 proventus avenicci just aggressively slides closer to the yarl
TH3_ K1NG پیش ماه
Everytime Paul beats Skyrim in a new challenge, A new machine is invented for Todd Howard to sell Skyrim on
my back hurts
my back hurts پیش ماه
That "Sentient chocolate milk mix" joke is actually the funniest thing i've ever heard in my entire life. LMFAO
Karl Renner
Karl Renner پیش ماه
Maybe watch some Emo Phillips...
Gorex پیش ماه
The best way to level restoration is to use fast healing and equalibrim
TheGaymer 9969
TheGaymer 9969 پیش ماه
"I almost forgot to strip myself naked" That's the most important part!
Lynkcrafter پیش ماه
You had to Google it/ remember? When I first did it I just pressed random buttons and got really lucky, I still dont know how it actually is solved
Jai sagar
Jai sagar پیش ماه
I just came here for his jokes.
j h
j h پیش ماه
So... Why not use the bandit Spike pit? The one northish of whiterun.
neverland unkn
neverland unkn پیش ماه
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DragonWarrior11 پیش ماه
i thought restoration had an absorb health spell
khalin McCauley
khalin McCauley پیش ماه
I'm confused why did mitten squad not activate the dawnguard dlc Edit:mitten squad can you do a face reveal when you get a high amount of subscribers like if agree
sweet torment
sweet torment پیش ماه
so funny
Dan Carter
Dan Carter پیش ماه
You just need ti to be level 10 and eat a dragon. You don't even need Roh to get to Solstheim. I know this because i got to level 80, beat most side quests, the dark brotherhood, college, thief and companions quest lines, and still don't even have Dah.
StinkyCheese پیش ماه
i liked this video more than others cuz you actually played skyrim it seemed instead of doing challenges that just dont let you play
Yugiohfan5000 پیش ماه
There’s restoration spells from dawnguard that can be used to harm undead. Sun fire, Stendarr’s Aura, and Vampires bane.
Jakob Dampar
Jakob Dampar پیش ماه
Aahh the renowned wizard, Harold Horn-holder
Player_#1 پیش ماه
Paul: does math* Every math teacher in a 2000 mile radius: no
Hammlet پیش ماه
13:15 Mitten doing his best Steiner Math
TheRed Ghostman
TheRed Ghostman پیش ماه
So you cannot beat it with just restoration
Kbro Epic gaming
Kbro Epic gaming پیش ماه
Shouts aren’t magic
Ps Now
Ps Now پیش ماه
Jesus is coming soon have belief faith and trust in him and repent of your sins
Ps Now
Ps Now پیش ماه
Jesus is coming soon have belief faith and trust in him and repent of your sins
Ps Now
Ps Now پیش ماه
Jesus is coming soon have belief faith and trust in him and repent of your sins
markeye پیش ماه
sans dtd
sans dtd پیش ماه
why do you censor your characters name
Phil Conti
Phil Conti پیش ماه
why was your inventory censored at 13:25?
Spenser Quinby
Spenser Quinby پیش ماه
I remember 1 time I wat in the thieves guild and I was a vampire so of course the woman started making fun about how she couldn't change my appearance so I killed her cause she was racist
TheBros2theend پیش ماه
Jesus Christ loves you
Trodden Leper
Trodden Leper پیش ماه
Why didn't you the vampire bane and sunfire spells from dawnguard? They're restoration spells too! :)
Matthew Drury
Matthew Drury پیش ماه
Wouldn't it be a good idea to get a high DPS follower and just buff them?
Dr. Bob Jackson
Dr. Bob Jackson پیش ماه
Doing Healer class runs is always fun but regardless of which class I chose in older games I always mod the magic schools because I find them to be severely disorganized. A lot of this has to to with having played the games for such a long time and knowing what mist class’ strategies are supposed to be and knowing the pitfalls of the magic schools. Especially since I prefer the magic classes and builds. So the Healer obviously deals with health and physical attribute but it’s interesting that the spells that can negatively effect your opponent’s fatigue, prowess and health are in the Destruction School. This in essence means that you can only positively effect you and your allies’ physical health and that closes off other possibilities unless you would like to spend time leveling Destruction for a handful of spells. This is why there’s only one real strategy (summoning and controlling your familers) for the Healer class and why it can become tedious. Ideally you want to make each magic class competitive to a stealth or combat class but the Healer generally gets the short end of the stick and this is why it gets semi-ironically played by veteran players. Picking a Healer is in essence a complete handicap in combat situations. Let me lay out some scenarios and illustrate why I mod the Schools. 1. Let’s say you play a base vanilla Healer build in Oblivion or Morrowind (I know we’re talking about Skyrim but just bare with me) your skills are set up almost exclusively to summon a monster, sit there and pump him full of buff-ups OR just run. Now let’s say with this build you’re in a dungeon and you are attacked by a monster. There happens to a be a a very high ledge in the center of the room and an canal to the next room to your left. The way the build is now you will most likely summon something and then jump on the ledge using a fortify Acrobatics spell and then buff-up your summon until the conflict is over. You might use your summon but then use a water breathing spell and swim away which is a separate school which has a spell that alters your physiology to swim away in the canal. You may use Illusion to calm them or what not. The problem with all of this is that now instead of having to learn two schools of magic you now have to worry about three. This isn’t a big issue for a magic class because you generally train cross discipline. I’ll illustrate to why is is an issue in a little bit 2. The way I mod my Schools and Restoration specifically is by in game function. So I ask myself “Does it control an item, a character, a monster or the environment? In my ideal organization Restoration should include all spells that effect the physical actions and attributes of me, my allies AND my opponents. I feel with the separation of Destruction and Restoration it implies a morality to the spells when morality rests with the caster. (Yes. I believe there are good and bad Necromancers for you Oblivion heads) Doing it this way allows me to walk into the SAME SITUATION as described above STILL as a Healer and Paralyze and debuff the enemy, make the enemy sick, use and buff my summon or fortify my physical prowess with spell and potion and take the enemy head on with what ever spells and weapons I have on hand if the situation is dire or my character is of shabby morality in addition to using more colorful strategies such as Waterbreathing. At the end of the scuffle all of these actions would gain me Restoration (and Conjuration for the summon) training. The way I mod Restoration opens up a variety of strategic depth to the build and allows me to absolutely control every physical movement made by anyone in that situation. If I’m specializing in health I would know how to help or HINDER the health of others. It makes logical sense to me. 3. This is where the way the Schools are is a real issue. Let’s say you’re in the same situation as described above but INSTEAD of being a Healer you’re a Crusader for example. Crusaders also get Restoration in most of the games as well but beyond one magic skill they’re a combat class and this leads to a monotony of tactics In this same situation I could easily bash my foe BUT the reason you have Restoration as a Crusader is to give yourself some mad buffs and be a beast in combat but this gets old real fast and doesn’t let take into account strategic variables such as taking advantage of the using the canal for a quick retreat if things get out of hand. In technicality Waterbreathing is a physical change to your character and should be available as an option to any class and character who alters their physical prowess in battle but with the way the Schools are done I would have to invest an unnecessary amount of time in Alteration to use Waterbreathing Ideally effects like; 1. Absorb/Damage/Drain Strength/Speed/One Handed/Blunt, ect 2. Silence (Assuming your preventing an NPC from talking by jamming up their voice box) 3. Night Eye (Assuming you’re physically altering your eyes) 4. Chameleon (Assuming your physically altering your skin to be translucent) 5. Stoneflesh/Resist Normal Damage 6. Become Ethereal (I know it’s a Shout but the effect would be a physical alteration) 7. Snowfall 8. Spells that turn you into a Mudcrab or an Orc when you’re a Bosmer Should all be Restoration spells If you’re altering your environment and elements that should be Destruction. I could go down the list of how I mod my schools if anyone want to know.
blubbfisch98 پیش ماه
Don't try so hard at being funny the entire video. We can hear it's too wanted.
Gobbler6000 پیش ماه
Galvanization is also my favorite branch of magic!
Kartal Yanaş
Kartal Yanaş پیش ماه
This FOV setting hurts to look, how do you even play like that!?
Corona پیش ماه
Who dares not make the nose god horny?!?
Zachary Herring
Zachary Herring پیش ماه
Soflet پیش ماه
"this is a quote, now like."
Seany dee
Seany dee پیش ماه
"TAFKAR thanked me." I understood that reference.
Sir Fire Brand
Sir Fire Brand پیش ماه
Did he not realize that you can go to the dragonborn dlc location without starting the dragonborn quest
BreadedDragon پیش ماه
Woahi had no idea high goth car existed 😳
MIRAIBII پیش ماه
nice video
Ollie NP
Ollie NP پیش ماه
There are sun spells introduced in dawnguard do some damage and makes it totally possible
WolfyWolf 2988
WolfyWolf 2988 پیش ماه
I thought he was gonna use healing hands get a follower and have them tank all the damage while he heals them with healing hands
pysker 94
pysker 94 پیش ماه
Unless the rune is locked behind the dragon born questline then you can go to soltiem at lvl 1 as long as you have 250g
Jesaja Schouten
Jesaja Schouten پیش ماه
How were you having trouble with draugr. Isn't like 1/4th of the restoration skill tree aimed at damaging undead
Fersomeexpert پیش ماه
"They learned me new words good"
Linux Streamer
Linux Streamer پیش 2 ماه
maybe you can find the jarl by using coc qasmoke
DaedricHealer 15
DaedricHealer 15 پیش 2 ماه
Can you beat Skyrim while only crouching?
Logan Smith
Logan Smith پیش 2 ماه
Please do more elder scrolls
Pandemic پیش 2 ماه
I definitely appreciated the Spongebob reference of going weast, not east.
Burnet Pauline
Burnet Pauline پیش 2 ماه
Among Us but we TRICK EVERYONE!