Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Shouts? 

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In the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you play as the last Dragonborn. A mythical man, woman, cat, or lizard, that must fulfill their prophecy of stopping the Eater of Worlds with a wide assortment of weapons, magical spells, companions, and play styles. But what if you wanted to avoid all physical weaponry. Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Shouts?
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Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Shouts? (in text form)
The limitations of this challenge are the same as every other weapon-restricted challenge I’ve done. The only way I can damage an enemy is with Shouts. No swords, no bows, no spells, no scrolls. That’s the only restriction. I can still use healing spells, I can still wear armor, I can still use perks as I level up.
Fresh out the gate, I’m not even going to attempt to say that this a normal beginning to the game. It’s not. And I don’t care. After Other Prisoner made a run for it, I noticed something was off. Someone was dead. I ignored it and chose an Imperial as my race because they start with +10 to Restoration, +5 to Heavy Armor, have Voice of the Emperor as their special ability, which calms humanoid creatures for 60 seconds, and they have a chance to find more gold. I named myself Shouter McGavin, a ghost from beyond the grave gave the order to send me to the chopping block.
The first executionee almost into position, and that’s when it hit me. The Captain who kicks the soldier’s head onto the block was dead. With no-one to kickstart the execution, it would never begin. I tried speeding up the game to see if anything happened. At one point, I had ratcheted it up to 500x speed, days were passing in mere seconds. It did nothing. At 1000x speed, things got a little weird. At 10,000x speed, the game crashed.
I then started the game anew, named myself Shouter McGavin v2, and the same thing happened again. I tried just resurrecting the Captain, but she didn’t actually exist. Then I tried spawning her, but apparently I [boop] granola at console commands. Not willing to get [booped] again, I reloaded a save from a previous playthrough where nothing broke, welcomed Shouter McGavin v3 to the world, and Alduin arrived to save the day.
Getting into Helgen Keep was easy enough. I danced with a bucket while deciding what to do about my primal urges. I wasn’t taking the amount of damage I thought I should be, so I upped the difficulty to Adept, pressed onward through the caves, and exited out into Skyrim. The current predicament is that I have no means of doing damage to an enemy. My only option is to run away. After I stumbled off a cliff and died, I regained my composure, and set my eyes on the prize. A dragon needs to die. My options were to find one and try to lure it into a city or mammoths or something, or I push through the main quest line until the dragon arrived outside Whiterun.
That seemed like the more logical choice. After I stole as many buckets as I could from Riverwood, ventured over the hill to Whiterun, whined a Giant to death, and persuaded my way into Whiterun. I explained the dragon situation to Jarl Balgruuf, who dragged Farengar Stupid-Name into the conversation. He tasked me with tracking down the Dragonstone and returning it to him.
I went on baby’s first mountain climbing adventure until I discovered Bleak Falls Barrow, I got overzealous in my attempt to ignore the Bandits on the way to Bleak Falls entrance, danced over the nothing, and made my way inside. I attempted to sneak passed the Bandits inside, which didn’t really work. The arrow trap in the first puzzle room worked to my advantage.


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Akos Feher
Akos Feher پیش روز
you can equip a lot of amulets of Talos while you transform into a woof or an emo lord. press the power button and start dialog with your follower. trade and you can equip a lot the same amulet. transform back, dismiss follower and start spreading ehm yeet to each and every enemy in skyrim.
wayne levi
wayne levi پیش 2 روز
You beat skyrim and defeated alduin with only dragon diplomacy
bird of prey
bird of prey پیش 2 روز
this video made me laugh way to much
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5:10 Oh my god ymfah. I love ymfah.
Ashe S
Ashe S پیش 5 روز
19:19 best part. died laughing x'D
Hell In A Handbasket
Hell In A Handbasket پیش 6 روز
I was gonna say. An easy way to get an amulet of Talos is to get it off the corpse of the guy who gets executed in Solitude the first time you walk in
TheBros2theend پیش 7 روز
God bless heal and save you
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Everyone sleeping on that amazing from soft joke
TheBros2theend پیش 7 روز
Jesus Christ loves you
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"went from delicate foreplay to pinecone sodomy faster than you'd think". This is why I watch Mitten Squad
MrsFudd8038 پیش 8 روز
everybody dont skip his ads this man deserves money
Maxim Sarkocy
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Fire breath is just fireball jutsu Change my mind (naruto, naruto shippuden)
Ape Lord
Ape Lord پیش 9 روز
Dragons don’t spawn until you fight the one at whiterun. So you were right to go there first. Alduin didn’t count, he’s not a dragon he’s a pushover
davidamiago پیش 10 روز
It's strange listening his voice now that i know his face
TheTrophySamlern پیش 10 روز
You can enter bleak falla barrows from the exit entrance...
Grimmdul پیش 11 روز
"... man, woman, cat or lizard..." Excuse me? I identify as attack helicopter!
Sir Billius
Sir Billius پیش 11 روز
With all those buckets you could just clip through the door at the tower of mzark and skip alftand. I do this every single play through at this point just because of how much I *hate* alftand.
Alberto JR Valdes
Alberto JR Valdes پیش 12 روز
Shouts are in the Magic category so they count as spells
Jenna Heiser
Jenna Heiser پیش 12 روز
Mmmmm I wasn’t ready for that incredibly steady camerawork in the beginning. Thanks for the early nausea, Paul!
Kim Kim
Kim Kim پیش 12 روز
the amulet of talos is free from solitude beheading
jorden struck
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I put on 5 amulets of talos and said forget the glass I got an ocean
Kelpy G Alternate Universe
daar wahlaan ko dovahzul
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Long live the couriers!!
Dave Batres
Dave Batres پیش 16 روز
How come I didn’t get a bonus on my ps4 shrines?
Vidia V
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I did my own challenge while watching this video. There was a childrens movie ad on this video, and I tried to watch it for as long as possible. I lasted 1 minute before I got tired of the teen girl stereotyping.
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Had me dead at pinecone sodomy
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Felix Mounsey پیش 21 روز
I don't think you should be allowed to use healing spells, i think you should rely on potions you pick up. Good video though!
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0:01 what is going on here?😂
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Ymfah is a god beyond gods
Bruh bruH
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there's literally a shout that does constant damage until something dies
Captain Cobalt
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How did you watch yfmah videos and not do the amulet of talos duplication glitch?
Bjørn Smith
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why is this even a video u can beat Skyrim without purchasing it.
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What’s the video at 16:26
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Dayumn I miss playing Skyrim
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I would pay to hear you read a really intense maniacal story/poem. It would be gold
John Hodge
John Hodge پیش 25 روز
so mad way to tackle game= mad bucket fetish.. theres also fish sticks in the lake. have you ever been sitting around the fishing hole and start thinking about physics? also I breathe fire.
Paladin of Music
Paladin of Music پیش 27 روز
The "My mom" build
Falkrim پیش 28 روز
Tim Johansson
Tim Johansson پیش 28 روز
Tate Crossette
Tate Crossette پیش 28 روز
Whats up with all the buckets? Also what did you get in this and whats your bucket record?
Luiz Henrique Brauner Moraes
Can you beat the Companions' questline without being detected by an enemy?
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DS Beast پیش 29 روز
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Beginning of the game be like: "Made In Heaven!"
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madeu in heaven
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The real question is can you beat Skyrim with a basket (no already tried it
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Should have done dawnguard. The shouts from duhrvenir are amazing
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson پیش ماه
without mods shouts are shit, and useless. Especially on any difficulty a little girl would play on.
Erik Pearson
Erik Pearson پیش ماه
Biggest thing skyrim is lacking is depth. This is a game written by idiots, for idiots. Simplistic, shallow story and quests everywhere. Nothing is worth doing story wise.
Yoshikage Kira
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1:33 Is this the power of [MADE IN HEAVEN] ?
Banana DIO
Banana DIO پیش ماه
*King of the Buckets*
Richard Peterson
Richard Peterson پیش ماه
Simple answer, absolutely.a good,and stupidly easy to get, unlimited shout build can be op as hell.but not my preference.i do it once in a while for something different to do to murder peasants
Hiems F
Hiems F پیش ماه
My guy has a picture that just says "Fuck Steam"
V Plasma
V Plasma پیش ماه
Gets bend will and wins game instantly
Emm Lenius
Emm Lenius پیش ماه
Man you should have done the exploit for infinite shouts
anima v3sta
anima v3sta پیش ماه
So it's skyrim but has fallout font
khalin McCauley
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For mitten squad ymfah nme is pronounced (yam-fah
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21:49 Idk why I laughed so hard there
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Ah, yes. The negotiator.
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Him: kills an entire village Also him: runs from Mudcrab
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For some reason my game is broken and Talos's Blessing doesn't give any reduction to shout cooldown.
Andrew پیش ماه
should have used the kill shout from the dark brotherhood quest line
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool پیش ماه
Use the unlimited shouts glitch
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got word from shrek he met shrek!
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I'm new to your channel, is your pfp Michigan with muscles???
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Can you beat Skyrim With only Scrolls?
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14:00 "freed a man from his chains" You *did* free him, but not until he was dead... dead by meeting you!
TheBros2theend پیش ماه
Jesus Christ loves you
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You saw my friend Gavin?
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I cannot wait until this beautiful man hits 1M
Marshturtle پیش ماه
Shoulda used a shield
Trashcan't پیش ماه
Just do the glitch where you become a werewolf to stack the amulets, you can reduce the cooldown time to 0 that way
Peyton Shuffield
Peyton Shuffield پیش ماه
all jokes aside this is actually pretty impressive.
Sans پیش ماه
There is nothing a shout can't do.
WolfyWolf 2988
WolfyWolf 2988 پیش ماه
Me:*doesn’t point flashlight at correct spot My dad:
KvS333 پیش ماه
I remember when I played this game for the first time, and the graybeards said that most people improve shouts by practise. I assumed, for some reason, in my tiny gamer brain, that I could do the same. You cannot. I wanted to die. I wasted hours.
Bradley Barnett
Bradley Barnett پیش ماه
The full Call Storm shout is the 2nd or 3rd strongest shout (Behind Soul Steal). But its recharge is a big price to pay, yeah
Chase Williams
Chase Williams پیش ماه
Why didnt he use the carriage
Hayame Kun
Hayame Kun پیش ماه
Oh look its a Michael Jackson Build
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson پیش ماه
“Leave the lexicon down there.. cause septimus can go fuck himself”
Максим Тищенко
1:25 Made in Heaven!!!
UnknownQwerty پیش ماه
Lol itd be funny if he did can you beat terraria with only a copper short sword
Deadname پیش ماه
at 10:18 u can hear him click a mouse to go to the next page lmaooo
DancingOdie پیش ماه
I liked for the bucket pile
Legendaryleo 345
Legendaryleo 345 پیش ماه
A microphone probably is that siren that is on the vids thingy that is "can you beat Skyrim by only using shouts?"
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Oh okay Nice
Oh okay Nice پیش 2 ماه
challenge idea: “can you beat the world with a cold and never blow your nose” this guy: am i a joke to you
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Would Uma Thu'uman be a good name for this as well?
Linux Streamer
Linux Streamer پیش 2 ماه
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Thanks for captions
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9:10 made me almost spit out whatever it was I was drinking when I first watched this video
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Marked for death
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After this video, I lost my ear drums
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Alduin is a protected entity in Skyrim so u literally HAVE to get the final blow
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Can you beat Skyrim without playing as a stealth archer.