Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Scrolls? 

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Within the confines of Skyrim exist many different ways to attack enemies. Lay traps, get up close and personal with an axe, maybe summon a temporary friend to do the fighting for you. But there’s one method of attack that isn’t used quite as frequently as the others. Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Scrolls?
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Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Scrolls? (in text form)
Because I’ve done so many of these Skyrim challenges by now, and because I almost never make mistakes in my playththroughs, I went with an Orc as my race. My gut told me that the damage inflicted on enemies from the Scrolls would not be impacted by the level of whatever skill would be associated with the effect of the scroll. Is that the truth? Maybe. But I don’t care because it doesn’t matter. I named myself Paper Boy, parkoured over Alduin’s head, made a beeline for the safety of a building, didn’t attack anything in there this time, I don’t make the same mistake twice unless I’m drinking or not paying attention, and exited out into the world of Skyrim, reading for the real game to begin.
Now, like most of you at this point into the video, I was wondering how this was going to work. I had a vague idea of what I was going to do, but it wasn’t going to be easy or fun or family-friendly. This is an elaborate and multifaceted plan that will be a tremendous pain to make work. The first piece of the puzzle was caps. Scrolls can be found out and about roaming the countryside, but they’re rare. You don’t want a rare scroll, you want medium rare and that’s not what you’re gonna find in a wild scroll. To ensure I was able to obtain a scroll, I settled on buying one. I stopped by the golden bucket shop to sell the items I’d picked up in my many travels thus far and briefly attempted to glitch myself through this wall to reach the hidden chest lurking just above the void. I watched a video that showed how to do it. You need a weird magical box that you’re not supposed to be able to obtain that, when dropped, floats wherever you dropped it, almost like a Minecraft block. Because I didn’t have that, I failed, left, and made my way to Whiterun Stables to travel to Solitude. Solitude was not where I meant to go, so I got back on the carriage and rode to Dawnstar.
You know what I’m doing here. At least, you think you do. You thought, like I did, that I’d be doing the exploit with that trader. Well you can’t do that if she’s not there. However, you can still access the chest to take whatever you want. A small part of me hoped a scroll would be in there, there was no scroll, of course, why would there be, but I did snag as much as my body could fit inside it, I momentarily considered abandoning this idea to do a Wooden Sword playthrough, realized I had to see this through, and waited inside a shop in Dawnstar for a few days, hoping the cat merchant would arrive. She never did.


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Connor Owen
Connor Owen پیش روز
having a scroll of cure wounds in one hand and scroll of fireball in the other would have solved a lot of your problems.
I'm bad at video games
Do the plate thing with a bucket. Have the open end face you and then charge the bucket and now you have phased through the wall. You can also fly using certain buckets.
Noah Fisher
Noah Fisher پیش روز
Get the fireball scroll from bleak falls barrow chest about midway through or the table after the skeevers. Use your follower to duplicate the fireball once so you have two. Then proceed to do the vampire lord glitch for infinite fireballs that do 50 damage per cast and you can easily cast them multiple times a second..?
Michael Villeneuve
Michael Villeneuve پیش روز
We should get to meet his brother at 2million subs
alex Plays
alex Plays پیش روز
Why didn't you use the companion pick up glitch?
Luckypugamer پیش 2 روز
200 more views until 1mil, let's do this boys
Bryan Cunningham
Bryan Cunningham پیش 2 روز
18:37 "It was time for the final battle arrived." I'm ashamed to admit how funny I thought this was.
White Doragon
White Doragon پیش 2 روز
Do a challenge where you have to beat Skyrim while drinking if you’re up to the challenge
BT 900
BT 900 پیش 2 روز
Oh idea. Can you beat skyrim with only conjures
Flame Pig 06
Flame Pig 06 پیش 3 روز
I thoat you meant a elder scroll
Cameron Arnold
Cameron Arnold پیش 3 روز
I live in michigan and that lion comment hurt
Caboose_1337 پیش 4 روز
3:48 Best part.
Rave Homard
Rave Homard پیش 7 روز
Can you beat skyrim with only the Fallout pipe gun?
pnpat the 1st
pnpat the 1st پیش 7 روز
Was paper boy a reference to atlanta tv show?
FrozenShadow 007
FrozenShadow 007 پیش 7 روز
He does know that the fireball scroll does 50 damage with no charge needed and also explodes on impact, right?
Professional Hater
Professional Hater پیش 8 روز
But i no understand. Why didnt you tried to get the proper gear before starting the main questline? Seriously. Yes, it takes alot of real hours just making it, but still a thing.
GoopyCrescent86 پیش 8 روز
In bleak falls barrow you have 2 fireball scrollsthat you could have used instead of the firestorm scroll??
Jarrod Tanner
Jarrod Tanner پیش 8 روز
You were using the wrong item, platters are the easiest to glitch with
Haywire Nightingale
Haywire Nightingale پیش 8 روز
I'm just at the point now where I beat skyrim with using only weapons charged with souls of deer. Idgaf anymore, I know every blade of grass in the game at this point
Lost In The Woods
Lost In The Woods پیش 8 روز
Platters and silver plates are where it's at idk why he keeps using wooden plates to get through walls
The Gucci Banana
The Gucci Banana پیش 9 روز
Oh yeah, there's alot of ways to kill people in Skyrim.
Crom Abú
Crom Abú پیش 9 روز
Dude using shouts on paruthunax don’t make you fail
Crom Abú
Crom Abú پیش 8 روز
sharp it’s gotta be used, he ain’t using it to kill or deal damage to an enemy
sharp پیش 8 روز
Shouts ain't scrolls
Monique Jacobs
Monique Jacobs پیش 10 روز
two steps from hell
dakota barnard
dakota barnard پیش 11 روز
Hmm that cultist mask suggets u weren't just level 4
pdonettes پیش 12 روز
Any reason you didn’t use a dark elf for a vampire run?
Ermac Macro
Ermac Macro پیش 13 روز
This might be more effective with the Spell Research mod
Ps Now
Ps Now پیش 14 روز
Jesus is coming soon have faith belief and trust in Jesus the son of God and repent of your sins
Rowan Martineau
Rowan Martineau پیش 15 روز
An exploit for you to consider on any further Skyrim videos: You can gain infinite magic, particularly for channeled spells, by un-equipping and re-equipping items that increase your maximum magic. Say you just ran out, then took off and put back on the novice hood you get during the game start? Bam, 30 magic to work with! Just favorite your highest bonus item and you can heal yourself forever!
The Lunatic Weeb
The Lunatic Weeb پیش 15 روز
ah forgot those exist lol
Spino_I_Guess پیش 15 روز
I've only used 3 scrolls, and they were for the J'zargo quest
Local Dingus
Local Dingus پیش 15 روز
A wall of magic fire webs: pathetic. A iron dagger you found on the floor of centuries old crypt webs: ow, no, stoooooop.
otakureiss پیش 16 روز
Can you beat skyrim using only illusion magic?
Robert Wood
Robert Wood پیش 17 روز
FIshGod 53
FIshGod 53 پیش 17 روز
Found a Skyrim exploit that you’re not using. If you hit enter while still dragging the slider while waiting, you can drag it back down to 1 hour and still skip 24 hours of time. Hope you see this, it’s really useful
Davy Mosquera
Davy Mosquera پیش 18 روز
Can you beat Skyrim with vampire or werewolf power's since it is halloween season
Pixel Damage
Pixel Damage پیش 18 روز
Can you beat Skyrim using only Squirrels? 🐿️
Infectedbog 8747
Infectedbog 8747 پیش 18 روز
Why didn’t to become a wearwolf instead of a vampire??
Nice name Nice surname
Nice name Nice surname پیش 19 روز
Can you beat skyrim with ALL the diseases of the game?
Deividasma پیش 20 روز
Get a mod that allows you to craft and place your own bear traps and do Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Bear Traps
Lake Sheppard
Lake Sheppard پیش 20 روز
I’ve only ever used scrolls a few times in my roughly nine years of playing. I love using the glitch most people use for weapons or armor on alchemy then I use paralysis that would literally take 30 of our years to run out maven blackbrier eat shit
Left Me My Wife
Left Me My Wife پیش 20 روز
Paul saying that this is where the real game begins has the same effect of the teachers saying that next year they're not gonna tolerate any of your shit
Sergeant NerfsALot
Sergeant NerfsALot پیش 21 روز
Challenge: can you beat division 2 without replacing your armour? Abilities don’t count.
T-REX پیش 21 روز
Alternative title - can you beat The Elder Scrolls with elder scrolls?
Chibi Cthulhu
Chibi Cthulhu پیش 21 روز
Wouldn’t it have been way easier if you had just done that glitch with like an ice storm scroll instead?
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford پیش 21 روز
Nice job fellow michagander. Would love to see a new Vegas run with only the fatman.
「Ocean Man」
「Ocean Man」 پیش 21 روز
Wait, how did he you get you get throw bleak falls barrow if scrolls don’t burn webbing? Or was I not paying enough attention
CubularCreeper پیش 21 روز
He Used The Scrolls To Beat The Scrolls
Stupid Gamer
Stupid Gamer پیش 21 روز
Change your name to nasal squad PLS
Nicholas H.
Nicholas H. پیش 21 روز
wait, TODAY IS OCTOBER 5TH! *furiously clicks link*
Jared Savage
Jared Savage پیش 21 روز
Could have used fire breath to get through the webs
Elijah Perry
Elijah Perry پیش 21 روز
Whenever he said a glitch to get Infinite scroll, I expected him to do the duplicating glitch in whiterun using Lydia. Also the bucket with whirlwind sprint glitch works way better than the plate glitch.
Richard پیش 21 روز
Elder Scrolls more like only Scrolls
Grim پیش 22 روز
ive only ever used one scroll and its the one to get jzargo
Finn Hunter Taylor
Finn Hunter Taylor پیش 22 روز
Skyrim is filled with heaps of shit you never need and as soon as you do it’s the rarest fucking item ever
Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet پیش 22 روز
Damnit today is October 5th 😞
Music by Bert
Music by Bert پیش 22 روز
If this was oblivion youd be able to use the scroll dup glitch and just duplicate hundreds of the same scroll over and over again. Boom infinite scrolls
Silksong Date
Silksong Date پیش 22 روز
Should've called it "can you beat the elder scrolls 5 using only scrolls"
Dank Swagy dawgy
Dank Swagy dawgy پیش 22 روز
0:53 that’s a lot stop drinking
Frosty PineMarten
Frosty PineMarten پیش 23 روز
Did he say Caps..?...like fallout
Bradley Barnett
Bradley Barnett پیش 23 روز
Storm Atronachs are OP (I think), so if he'd used that, it might've been a bit easier lol
Jonas5271 پیش 23 روز
There actually is a chest in Solitude near the gates where the khajiit caravan stops. Same as in Markarth by the wall.
Offhandheart پیش 23 روز
Chopin is the best choice of vodka, hands down.
wmr .8.14
wmr .8.14 پیش 23 روز
You have to do that wooden sword play through
Cheyenne Reynoso
Cheyenne Reynoso پیش 23 روز
Oh, please do a wooden sword play through next!!!
ArtificialDjDAGX پیش 24 روز
I wonder how many noticed the part where Mittens said he failed the challenge by spitting fire.
Yuri Yamazaki
Yuri Yamazaki پیش 24 روز
How about beating Skyrim + Dlc without being given any side quests? (either you can reload a save or you have to do the side quest immediately)
Shadowfyst997 پیش 24 روز
Wait, how did he fail this quest? Was it because of the Become Ethereal Shout?
Atsuga پیش 24 روز
Can you beat Skyrim by only using Restoration Magic?
MadCarTK پیش 25 روز
Should have done healing scroll in one hand and one handed attack spell in the other.
Cheezy Breezy
Cheezy Breezy پیش 25 روز
Bruh I think ur saying Squirrels not scrolls
mind assassin
mind assassin پیش 25 روز
Can you beat Skyrim using only a magic squirrel?
Jack Roark
Jack Roark پیش 25 روز
Beat Skyrim with only spider scrolls
Jack Roark
Jack Roark پیش 25 روز
Bro use the platter to get through doors. Works much better than wooden plates
RubenFantasia پیش 25 روز
the duplicating glich would also work
encore944 پیش 26 روز
Can you beat skyrim as a werewolf? 🤔
ARCHIE پیش 26 روز
Just wondering, has this guy done a playthrough using only a poisoned dagger yet?
WarGarbel پیش 26 روز
Bucket collection ??
Raziel gaming
Raziel gaming پیش 26 روز
Im confused as to why you didnt just turn into a werewolf instead? You can do the same exact glitch being a wolf, without the no regen.
Bad Ideas
Bad Ideas پیش 21 روز
Probably because it takes a bit longer to do, since you have to go through quite a bit of Thr Companions first
Zykroll TheSushiRoll
Zykroll TheSushiRoll پیش 26 روز
Hey Mitten, are you gonna play the Harry Potter RPG? It’ll be like Skyrim but Harry potter
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora پیش 26 روز
I guess i was lucky bc i literally walked right to the canyon
Easy Toremember
Easy Toremember پیش 26 روز
No you cant
Mike Walker
Mike Walker پیش 26 روز
Can you beat Skyrim by only using Spider Scrolls?
Derp پیش 27 روز
Questionable Object
Questionable Object پیش 27 روز
I feel like this would've been a whole lot easier if you'd gotten a scroll of fireball or chain lightning or blizzard so you didn't have to do the big wind up animation every time...
Alexander Wilder
Alexander Wilder پیش 27 روز
Rianu Keeves plush!
Hunter Wallish
Hunter Wallish پیش 28 روز
Can You Beat Skyrim By Only Using Scrolls? Yes, with exploits.
UGOTT پیش 28 روز
Alcohol you need to get: Vodka: Kruto Og. or Flawless Whiskey: Woodford Reserve Malt Whiskey Tequila: The Rock's Teremana Cognac finished in bourbon cask: Blue Swift There you go.
Yoru Kage
Yoru Kage پیش 28 روز
You could because restoration and raise zombie spells exist. Use restoration while being attacked to raise level and use raise zombie to level up. Raise zombie out of combat as to not cheat. Higher level means more scrolls in shops
lego Dragon
lego Dragon پیش 28 روز
kettles work better than wooden plates
Furrilicious101 پیش 28 روز
"A nod is a good as a wink to a blind horse" - The Son of a Shepard.
SuperSayianWarrior پیش 28 روز
Soooo this glitch can be done with the werewolf as well, just harder to do since without the Ring of Hircine, you got a 24h wait cd plus 3 quests to do before even getting the beast blood
Bryan Lahog
Bryan Lahog پیش 28 روز
Not sure if Dovahkiin uses dragon shouts, or has the worst case of needing a breathmint in history
Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn پیش 28 روز
ok nice work stealing G00SE_IT video ideas
John Starwright
John Starwright پیش 28 روز
i know its a joke dude... but you just lied to my face
Fish Head
Fish Head پیش 28 روز
U could've just got the spider scrolls lol
Cheyenne Reynoso
Cheyenne Reynoso پیش 28 روز
Oh, PLEASE do a wooden sword play through!!
Sip of Sunkist
Sip of Sunkist پیش 29 روز
wait was your brothers eye ok xD that sounds horrible 6:03
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub پیش 29 روز
Exploit that and use this bug.. Then glitch another time and you "beat" it with only a... Bla bla.. I have a feeling you can't play anything without almost cheats + easiest difficulty
Peed Nuss
Peed Nuss پیش 29 روز
i mean you didnt because you didnt do this on legendary difficulty its pree obvi like fk sake you can do LITERALLY anything on the other difficulties legendary is the only way to do these kind of play through otherwise you look like a joke who cant play the game cmon your a youtuber.... and you also are using fkin healing spell not scroll there are healing scrolls dude.... this is such a failure please redo it properly
Warded Thorn
Warded Thorn پیش 29 روز
"My brother got glowstick cum in his eye when we were kids. I blame him for this." Dude I don't even watch your videos for the challenges anymore I just fucking love your jokes
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