Can You Beat Modern Warfare 2 Without Taking Any Damage? 

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Modern Warfare 2 is often considered to be one of the best Call of Duty games of all time. It’s not perfect, the multiplayer can be incredibly unbalanced, Spec Ops is certainly there, and it has a campaign. That’s all I got. Can You Beat Modern Warfare 2 Without Taking Any Damage?
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Can You Beat Modern Warfare 2 Without Taking Any Damage? (in text form)
The campaign begins with credits and a sort of recap of what happened last time. There was a guy missing an arm and I think somebody got shot, seems kinda weird for a kids game so that’s probably not what happened. I assumed the role of Private Joseph Allen and took part in a tutorial that is supposed to be me showing some folks how to use a gun properly, but it just sounds weird, these locals don’t have to press A to stand up. I briefly thought I could ruin everything by wasting the entire military’s supply of grenades, they respawn infinity, I settled for a 360 noscope, interrupted a basketball game, picked up baby’s first machine gun, and ran through the pit. I was perfect, I made no mistakes, I certainly didn’t mess up the part where you had to sprint. I ran it 2 more times for fun, settled on the easiest difficulty, multiplayer guy said his catch phrase, and the real campaign begins.
If you take damage here you’re a moron, the enemies are on a bridge and are basically just there to give you something to shoot without having to think about it. Then things went unpleasant faster than just about any other challenge I’ve done. On-rails sections are common, but in the very beginning of the game? Come on, this isn’t fair. Well, there’s some time now, I can explain how this run works. It’s probably what you thought it would be. If I take any damage, I reload the last checkpoint. This results in me throwing myself at a situation until I eventually get through it without taking any damage.
This is the first real instance where you can take damage from an enemy and… it’s an ambush of epic proportions. Many upon many of enemies with RPGs all over the place. Drive onward and there’s more RPG people in buildings and there are trucks with machine guns and a platoon of soldiers running through the street and it’s a whole ordeal. I went through this a bunch of different times, because I’m not a quitter, but with the number of enemies that are all over the place, I just don’t think it’s possible to get through this without taking damage. I even watched a speed run to see if they somehow skip this part, but they don’t. So you cannot beat Modern Warfare 2 without taking any damage, but I’m gonna keep doing anyway.
Bullets fly and kick up a dust storm at the worst possible time, my inhaler is bad at the base. An RPD can be a suitable replacement in a pinch if you want to threaten your health into submission instead of handling with it the proper way. I almost immediately swapped that RPD out for an FAL. I followed Sergeant Foley and the boys into History and promptly blew everyone in the classroom away, we passed through a few alleyways, and General Shepherd commandeered my body for his personal uses. He’s no Rolf but he’s got a solid voice.
Next up is Cliffhanger, probably the 2nd most recognizable mission in the game behind that other one. The one that’s a real-time simulation of getting your bags checked at the airport. The first portion of Cliffhanger is easy, just climb the wall with your picks. For some reason I thought I remembered being hit by ice in this mission when you’re about to fall. Macintosh jumps real good, I did a bunch of practice swings, lost my grip in the ice, regained my composure, scaled the wall, pulled out my guns, and began the infiltration mission.


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I pissed off my friend by saying BT Nooo when I played this game when I knew ghost would die
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I think the remaster was done very well. Too bad this was done before it was released I guess just do this on veteran since u wont live long after being shot anyway
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In the remastered version you dont take dmg on the hornets nest on the go to the stupid chopper and jump Hollywood style
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In the mission Wolverines!, it is actually possible to not take damage: just switch to your M9 and run as soon as you can get out.
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some of the parts where you're damaged before you can get to cover are now possible in the remastered version.
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Fun fact: You can get away from the Humvee without taking any damage.
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In stead of restarting from a checkpoint, you restart the game with the green beret Intel cheat
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Mw2 remastered just came out for psPlus this month and I can say that it is possible to get through the minigun part in the second mission without taking damage and I was in regular. I did retry it multiple times but you just have to preemptively shoot at the car-mounted guns and pray.
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“There’s nothing like raining down death on targets with no hope of being able to fight back. God I love America.”
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im sorry to tell you this but... its the L-86 (eighty six) not L-8-6
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The only problem with Modern Warfare is HOW THE FUCK COULD THE SOVIETS INVADE THE EAST COAST. A naval Invasion is out of the question, the US Navy is the largest naval fighting force in the world. A air Invasion is nearly impossible. Between American Airbases, SAM sites and Radar, only a few aircraft would make it through. A ground Invasion through Canada is also out of the question, as even if they made it through Canada into Maine, the US Army would decimate the invasion force before they made it to Albany in New York. In no timeline can the Russians invade alone. With China maybe. Pre 1991 with China, definitely.
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Do modern warfare 2 without taking damage or shooting.
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