Can You Beat Metro: Last Light With Only A Revolver? 

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In the world of post-apocalyptic role playing video games, you don’t got a lotta options. There’s Fallout, Wasteland, Elmo’s Letter Adventure, and Metro. But one of those is not like the others. Can You Beat Metro Last Light With Only A Revolver?
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Can You Beat Metro Last Light With Only A Revolver? (in text form)
Metro Last Light picks up one sequel development period after Metro 2033. Artyom got his 25 kill streak, launched nukes at the enemy team, got betrayed by Shepherd again, it was a great time to be anyone but me. The general plot of this movie is to track down the last Dark One who survived atomic blast that might’ve just been regular missiles, I don’t actually remember. As expected, I chose to play on baby spartan mode instead of a mode that would require me to have any gaming prowess at all, and the game begins by failing the challenge. You’re in a tunnel with an assault rifle and no revolver. But it’s okay because that didn’t actually happen, it was all a dream.
After waking up, I spelled out Bazinga in morse code, got my equipment from proctologist Teagan, fitted myself with two variations of the same revolver- one silenced with a red dot sight and another with a long barrel for better range, and followed Khan to the meeting with Colonel Miller. Khan did what Khan does, piss everyone off and make me go it alone. Except this time I’m not alone, the stereotype sniper who doesn’t like you despite the fact that you almost single handedly wiped out the dark ones is along to make an already miserable existence even worse. On the surface, she instructed me to head to where the Dark One supposedly was. I failed at capturing the little boy, maybe I would’ve succeeded if I stuck a bullet in his kneecap. Instead, he played a movie in my head and caused me to get captured by the Germans.
Pavel, a different Pavel from the one in Metro 2033, helped me not get executed, gave me a knife, and we dove head first into sewage. This clever section gets you accustomed to not being detected by immediately gassing you to death if you’re detected. I didn’t get detected, I was just to stupid to figure out what I was supposed to do the first time around. That’s a common theme in my life. After a brief stint as an air duct rat, I continued my vertical journey towards freedom by choosing not to set the prisoners free. I got a revolver though, I considered a single gun with a few bullets to be worth more than the dozens of lives I left behind to end in agony.


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Kou Her
Kou Her پیش 5 ساعت
Wait... Elmo's letter adventure was a post world setting?
ramzy mohsn
ramzy mohsn پیش 16 ساعت
you know if you hold the reload button you can use your money(bullets) as you knew bullets
BABUSKA HATER پیش 23 ساعت
Wait people still play this amaizing game?
Brandon Gonzales
Brandon Gonzales پیش روز
9:36 same here man hopefully it falls out before the infection gets you.
Welcome Kovacs
Welcome Kovacs پیش 2 روز
This game looks like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s special needs half brother...
Nardy Nite
Nardy Nite پیش 2 روز
Ahhaa are you kidding me? Try finishing any metro game without shooting. Oh and get the good ending at it.
Harbbe پیش 6 روز
The revolver is literally the best gun in Metro games for stealth and it can one shot any human enemy and nosalis if shot on the head youre just bad at aiming cause ur using a controller which is pretty shitty in metro games
Harbbe پیش 6 روز
i knew it! pavel and the 2033 pavel has the same name, shits been bothering me since ive heard pavels name in last light lmao
JokE3rDa پیش 7 روز
Is funny how most of the time I use the revolver in Metro 2033, because was my Silent Weapon and most of the time I run because if the see me I was dead, and like this game, until I need to re do the campaign 3 time because in the 4 Chapter always my Safe File gets corrupted, so I give up.
garrygoriy پیش 8 روز
Beat scrolls with only scrolls
Timothy Whiting
Timothy Whiting پیش 8 روز
you shoulda used the army grade bullets that were your currency for ammo
carmasem پیش 8 روز
6:42 it took me forever to do that part. makes me mad thinking about it
Knight Solaire
Knight Solaire پیش 9 روز
So tldr, mitten did a normal metro play through but on normal instead of ranger?
Purple Churros
Purple Churros پیش 10 روز
I managed to beat metro last light with only a revolver. It's a fun challange
Bernardo Andrade Picorelli
now you just need to beat metro exodus
Michael Crawford
Michael Crawford پیش 15 روز
Unrelated to this challenge but I hate how hard the third metro game is on ranger hardcore mode. I hate it not because you die easy but because the enemy doesn’t. In the other metro games guns did more damage. Their guns and your guns. Not in the third one you’re a peashooter while they are one shoot kill machines.
O Half a Coke
O Half a Coke پیش 16 روز
Someone Got a 25 kill streak Gives me nostalgia
Local Dingus
Local Dingus پیش 17 روز
You want a real post apocalyptic RPG try Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone on PS 1 truly the unforgiving yet fair experience any real fan wants with top of the line graphics and intuitive controls. Be warned though if you record it PS 1 Hagrid is considered to hot for IRitem.
Bacon King
Bacon King پیش 17 روز
4:36 fan of killer klowns from outer space, are we?
Pazuzu Deamon
Pazuzu Deamon پیش 17 روز
that last boss made him fail because you never count cut scenes in these challenges.
Throwaway Account
Throwaway Account پیش 18 روز
Now do exodus
Sato86 پیش 20 روز
The big bad in this game isn't the Nazis, it's the communists. They're the ones assaulting D6 in the final mission, and the ones who burned that one station and got Artyom put in quarantine. The peace treaty is a lie because the guy in charge of the commies is a puppet of his "underling" who interrogated you when you were betrayed by Pavil, and he's planning to use a weaponized strain of ebola developed by papa soviet before the war to wipe out all non-commie stations while they assault D-6 to use as their new capital. And yeah, you got the bad ending for not getting enough arbitrarily defined and unrecorded good boy points during the game.
Dylan Swisher
Dylan Swisher پیش 20 روز
Can't you actually save that big bear at the end
I played metro redux with only a knife I never once use a gun
akun spos
akun spos پیش 24 روز
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer پیش 24 روز
Can you beat metro exodus with only the ashot?
jono3952 پیش 24 روز
Wow, you're the first guy I've EVER heard bitch this much about Metro Last Light. Maybe you're just bad at this game.
Fire Zombie
Fire Zombie پیش 25 روز
Reminds me of fallout4
SomEoneOuThere پیش 25 روز
man if he just knew he could hold r to use military bullets this would have been much easier
tracies19 پیش 25 روز
Everytime I have played this game the revolver has been my main weapon it's too good
DragoniteSpam پیش 26 روز
"Make things awkward by fist-bumping all of the hands asking for a handshake" Paul you monster.
Kamiluzbx پیش 26 روز
oh you think you're having a hard time with ammo? try ranger hardcore on spartan.
robot guyman
robot guyman پیش 28 روز
I prefer fallout it's just to iconic But the graphics and gameplay are better in metro
Victor Alonso
Victor Alonso پیش 28 روز
Wait, so is not that normal to pass this game without killing? I basically stealthed most of the game and just killed beasts when needed xD
Maou Takumi
Maou Takumi پیش 28 روز
Just FYI the A-shot shotgun is not a revolver, but, as the name implies, a shotgun.
Sandro de Vega
Sandro de Vega پیش 28 روز
No offense, but you have to really suck on the Metro. You can complete the game without shooting even once (except for the swamp boss and the bear). Opponents in the fasting stage do not have night vision, only gas masks. Sneaking is hampered by the ubiquitous fire because it illuminates you, and all Metro stealth is based on light levels. But the view range of enemies is reduced through smoke. At least half of the clashes with mutants can be avoided. Only the scripts are unavoidable.
Jesper O
Jesper O پیش 29 روز
0:03 yes you can, the revolver is the shit. Now let's see how he fares. Edit: yeah... it's good if you stealth, not when you rambo :P Edit2: why didnt he use the rifle-stock earlier 😦
Franklin, Jr. Babauta
Franklin, Jr. Babauta پیش ماه
The shambler is a revolving shotgun....
Mojave Soldier
Mojave Soldier پیش ماه
I beat Metro Last Light with only revolwer few years ago hah. But i ussed only that revolwer what i get from Palvel.
nacrt پیش ماه
you can stealth almost the entire game
Seth Aquauis
Seth Aquauis پیش ماه
I never imagined a Senza name drop
Wybzdziur پیش ماه
Where is S.T.A.L.K.E.R
Murplesman پیش ماه
10:40 Yeah, that mission fucking sucks, even with access to your full arsenal.
Deadly Dragon336
Deadly Dragon336 پیش ماه
I got a pretty difficult one how about “can you beat Skyrim without walking”
vsGoliath پیش ماه
Can you beat the game before the real game begins?
vsGoliath پیش ماه
Revolver Ocelot is not impressed that you couldn't kill that boss with only one full cylinder. "Six shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves!"
Madeline Price
Madeline Price پیش ماه
"They swarm you like beavers once they catch your scent on their tail" Well then. It's gonna take me a spell to figure that one out.
BannedCommander پیش ماه
Germans? The Reich in Metro isn't German, they're Russians like everybody else
Electronic Corgi
Electronic Corgi پیش ماه
Wait.....are we getting some "Can You Beat Wolfenstein Withs"?
Wictoan پیش ماه
Bro. Like I think you're funny and post cool content but you are awful at metro. Game isn't bad you are.
well the revolver is better in metro 2033
Lakota Bucklew
Lakota Bucklew پیش ماه
Cant pit silencer on revolver noise also comes out of cylinder lol
Charlie Beresford
Charlie Beresford پیش ماه
You should do this in metro: exodus
Adam Sardar
Adam Sardar پیش ماه
Ian Vital
Ian Vital پیش ماه
I have killed each one of them with the revolver in stealth smoothly I did it once all you need to is observe. the spiders are easy shine a light together with the lighter that will make them flip faster and be killed with a knife
Ian Vital
Ian Vital پیش ماه
Metro last Light thought me how to do stealth and be good at it
jonny1yz پیش ماه
Because I played this game about 20 different times, it was easy to follow your journey. I laughed out loud at all the difficulties you had cause they were familiar. Good job!
Kojister 1988
Kojister 1988 پیش ماه
Ah yes, Elmoʻs letter Adventure. I will never forget the PTSD that game gave me.
doofenderps inc
doofenderps inc پیش ماه
Can you beat dishonored with no weapons and only blink
TinononiT پیش ماه
You sound like "degs" on TikTok
Dom's insects
Dom's insects پیش ماه
Stalker is postapocalyptic as well, just saying.
Green Penguin07
Green Penguin07 پیش ماه
Now metro exodus with only a revolver
Hunter_02 پیش ماه
I beat this game on Ranger Hardcore with the good ending, and the way you played this truly disgusted me. In that church or on the bridge, as well as in other sections, you can literally just sneak past most monsters. It's only at very few points where you HAVE to fight - but at that point, by simply NOT attacking anything that moves you should have conserved enough ammo. Of course, that requires a minuscule amount of strategic planning and patience. This game is chock full of sections where you can just sneak and conserve ammo - you just went all guns blazing. That's not how you play this game. It's also a quite simple calculation: Would you, on your own, escaping some facist or commie hole, go loud and bring the entire area down on you? A single shooter with limited ammo in a makeshift weapon? Or would you just silently knock a few guardsmen out and be on your merry way? I bet in 2033 you also fought the Librarians instead of staring them down... So all in all, 10/10, nice video, keep it up!
SpawnyX The Gamer
SpawnyX The Gamer پیش ماه
Metro but it's Shalashka
Zachary Foytlin
Zachary Foytlin پیش ماه
12:29 how did you no omg
legendi chan
legendi chan پیش ماه
But the explosion is the bad en
Sunniva olsen
Sunniva olsen پیش ماه
Play stalker
TheBros2theend پیش ماه
God bless heal andn save you
NoVaKane پیش ماه
It's a revolver shotgun so its both. But still a shotgun
Fritz پیش ماه
All the enemies at the end where the communists and not the "Germans"
TheBros2theend پیش ماه
Jesus Christ loves you
Eric Sidney
Eric Sidney پیش ماه
If you set the difficulty higher it takes less shots to kill enemy’s but you get killed pretty fast too
Ahmed Kaiser
Ahmed Kaiser پیش ماه
9:49 did he just said dante ravioli and senza
Jane_DOoger پیش ماه
Challenge: can you beet metro 2034 (metro exodus) with a knife?
Wyatt Davis
Wyatt Davis پیش ماه
“I’m a good Christian boy! I’ll save my ammo for my suicide.” God I love this channel.
Pietro Garcea
Pietro Garcea پیش ماه
Its a challenge, but yes.
noobstalker1 پیش ماه
Considering the revolvers the best gun there is I’d say yes
Jason Newman
Jason Newman پیش ماه
You and senza should collab
RetroHero 215
RetroHero 215 پیش ماه
Do Exodus next!
Quentin Taylor
Quentin Taylor پیش ماه
Ah yes Elmos Letter Adventur is the hardest game ever made
Shadowless پیش ماه
Yeah, you got the bad ending
Private Felix
Private Felix پیش ماه
"then we end up in a minecraft" lmao
Smirky Mojo
Smirky Mojo پیش ماه
Dante, Mr. mitten and senza, the three musketeers. Greatest challenge youtuber alive
Smirky Mojo
Smirky Mojo پیش ماه
Tristan T.
Tristan T. پیش ماه
3:46 was that a grim adventures reference I just heard? Well done
pulverize3 پیش ماه
The revolver is one of the best guns, pick somthing harder, its like picking the wrench in bioshock. I love most of your videos, just sometimes you pick somthing that is acually a good weapon.
Andres V.
Andres V. پیش ماه
I've never played rhis game, I just watched the video to hear Paul suffer. It's music for my ears.
Company loves misery
Company loves misery پیش ماه
Don't ask me why this popped into my head while I was watching this video, but "Can You Beat Transformers: War For Cybertron Without Transforming?" and "Can You Beat Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Without Transforming?"
Maxwell Vindman
Maxwell Vindman پیش ماه
9:10 the shotgun revolver that is distinctly not a shotgun that is also a revolver
Maxwell Vindman
Maxwell Vindman پیش ماه
5:10 there are 3 revolvers , the helsing , the revolver , and the shambles you absolute potato
Drake Day
Drake Day پیش ماه
Let me tell you that this challenge is DRAMATICALLY more difficult, but also more fun, in Ranger Hardcore difficulty. Charging through areas dropping healing is no longer an option. Stealth play becomes a must, even a single stray bullet can end you on the spot in some situations.
Kyra Zimmer
Kyra Zimmer پیش ماه
_technically_ the barrel of that shotgun revolves a bit when you reload it ;) and that smg at 16:20 looks like it has a drum magazine, that also revolves... i mean there's been revolving colt sniper rifles, sooo not all too far fetched :P
Master Yoda
Master Yoda پیش ماه
Do can you beat metro exodus with the pump gun
Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones پیش ماه
You SAVED Leznintsky but KILLED Pavel?! You truly are a monster.
UltraViolet پیش ماه
The Single Greatest Handgun ever made
Hunk Umbrella
Hunk Umbrella پیش ماه
i beat the game lol
Skelton Slay8er
Skelton Slay8er پیش ماه
Every time he calls a watchmen a nosalis, I cry a little
XrayDelta.exe پیش ماه
Can you beat skyrim only walking backwards?
lehti پیش ماه
Ah yes, the cinematic S.T.A.L.K.E.R
T. Ham
T. Ham پیش ماه
I know it's been said, but christ man. You could beat this game revolver only fairly easily if you played as intended. Also playing a higher difficulty would likely have helped you since enemies have less health the higher you go. You have less health too, but there's so many more of them that the saved ammo is priceless. In the words of the devs, Survival Ranger Hardcore is the way the game is meant to be played
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