Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only Miss Fortune’s Bad Luck Bringer? 

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Fallout New Vegas has a lot of weapons in it. For most of those weapons, you can find some situation where they’re going to be useful. But there are some weapons that you were never even meant to touch in the first place. Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only Miss Fortune’s Bad Luck Bringer?
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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only Miss Fortune’s Bad Luck Bringer? (in text form)
No, you can’t. The Bad Luck Bringer is a weapon used exclusively by Miss Fortune on the rare occasion she spawns in to lend a “hand” after you attack something in VATS while having the Miss Fortune perk which you can’t even get until level 10. But her gun in really cool and I want it, so I’m gonna spawn it in and have a field day with it. Despite the incredibly unique attributes this weapon has, it’s still a gun, so the SPECIAL stats are based around maxing out Agility to get a nice head-start in the Gun skill, Intelligence for experience points, Luck for both the casinos and additional points across all skills, Charisma is a dump as always, and the rest are spread out evenly. Skills were Guns, Lockpick, and Sneak, no Speech because I’m not a little man unless I want to be or am on accident, my Traits were Skilled, you already know why, and Trigger Discipline. In retrospect, that last trait, which increases accuracy by 20% while decreasing fire rate by 20%, was a massive mistake.
Then came the cheating. Ah the cheating. My favorite part of children’s activity book. I took it upon myself to do a big cheat this time. On top of giving myself the Bad Luck Bringer, it’s full name is Miss Fortune’s Bad Luck Bringer but that’s a ing mouthful, I also gave myself 15 .44 Magnum rounds. Sure, I could’ve ran all the way out to the Gun Runners, sold the items I got from the DLC packs for some .44 ammo and Instant Transmission’d myself back to Goodsprings. But I didn’t do that. Instead, I dropped the most valuable weapons and armor I got from previously mentioned DLC packs, worth about 2800 caps in total, in exchange for the 15 bullets.
I’m pretty good at the whole bartering thing, I knew this was a 100% fair trade. Oh, to make this feel more realistic, I also gave myself Miss Fortune’s outfit and hat which I’d use as my only armor throughout the game. And at last, after drifting out at sea for so many long, our nasally hero finds himself washed up on real game island. I’m gonna put up a screenshot of everything the Bad Luck Bringer does for 5 seconds, so pause the video if you want to read the whole thing. To summarize it quickly, every time you attack something, a Fortune value is randomly determined. Depending on the score, one of a few things can happen. It could knock them down for 10 seconds, detonate an explosive that’s in their inventory, which can also be triggered by Plasma-based weaponry or grenade launchers or Incinerators, or it can shatter any of their limbs.
As you’ve seen by me attacking Chet as a test, the damage output is horrible but it’s a hell of a weird gun. Not as weird as the objects in the cabinet just floating there, but that’s beyond me purview. Speaking of things not being there, the mods weren’t there anymore after the game crashed and I removed them all. Despite what I said earlier about the Gun Runners, they were still my main destination for the current moment. I wanted all the ammo in the world. I did stop to test out my toy on a Deathclaw and it amazingly worked better than expected, it knocked the monster out. Things got a little bland as I got closer to the Strip, not sure what that’s about. Maybe it was the game attempting to match the HUD color, because everyone knows Green is the correct HUD color for New Vegas. Anyone who says otherwise needs immediate psychiatric help.


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I’m gonna get FNV later, any tips on the game?
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Did the private kowalski or whoever challenge. I went to cottonwood cove and he got destroyed. You can beat fallout: new Vegas while being persued.
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Chances of seeing this are low but I was curious to see if you'd ever thought about doing a new vegas run with only binoculars.
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13:55 when you die in lego star wars
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He should have used the hotkey ammo glitch
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Remember when fallout games were good after 3 they got wierd 4s ok tho 76 is a disgrace
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"I won't attack something that can't fight back... not again" I'm dying
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Your humor is impeccable
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ah the cheating my favorite part of every children’s activity book
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little tip if the legion hates you and you want to go to the fort just wear legion Armour and they will also let you walk right in with weapons as well
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.38 Special is an alternate for .357 mag not .44 mag.
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2:40 I lost it
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This is my favorite video that you’ve ever done. I know how much you love thick creamy praise- your writing and narration is hilarious. I literally had to stop working I laughed so hard. The extended *bleep* and “it was a traumatizing experience” is gold. Also the new music in the background is lovely
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16:30 Joshua graham 2.0
"How to I say this without getting demonetized". A minute later "this is what us gamers call a terrorist attack". You are now vilified by youtube
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Im sorry im sorry i just cant. This video has TOO many model stretch bugs. When i was 13 i played this game and i remember having to clear out a nest of ants. There was a teddy bear at the end of the room and the room was filled with gas...or the ants were i think cuz WHEN I KILLED ONE DOWN THERE, THE EXPLOSION CAUSED THE NOW STRETCHED TEDDY BEAR HEAD AND LIMBS TO RICOCHET WALL TO WALL AND END DIRECTLY AT THE SCREEN AS I DIED. freaked me out to the point where if i see any stretched model now i have a huge non stop shiver and cant look at it just ugh i hate those bugs in any game. It got wrse too, now its just any bug to a model
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I've watched a whole bunch of your challenge runs over the past couple weeks. I think they are really good! You do a great job writing funny scripts and keeping the runs interesting with all the whacky shit you do. That's all subjective of course but as far as I am concerned these runs are really entertaining and most videos have at least a couple lines that make me laugh out loud. Keeping the scripts and the runs funny after this many is a real accomplishment in my opinion. :)
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Yo I just want to say off the back of your face reveal, keep your head up because we all.still.support you and your dry humour. We don't see you differently at all, we just like seeing who we are watching once in a while. You are an awesome and entertaining youtuber. I could tell you were nervous in the face reveal, but it won't change anything for those of us who love your content no matter how you look. You may not like how you like based on your comment, but we do, and we love your voice and attitude and humour and commentary and everything, keep it up Paul!
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