Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol? 

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Without any DLC installed, you can get a few guns at the beginning of Fallout New Vegas. Most of them are pretty par for course as far as beginning-game weapons go. But there’s also a weapon that has some of the worst stats of any gun in the game. Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol?
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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Silenced .22 Pistol? (in text form)
The point of this run is to beat New Vegas by only damaging friends and foes with the Silenced .22 Pistol. Because you avoid quite a bit of conflict by dumping points into Speech, I’m not going to bother with that skill. I put 10 SPECIAL points into Intelligence, Agility, and Luck, put 7 into Perception, stole a lot of Doc Mitchell’s house, did a quick interview, chose Guns, Medicine, and Sneak as my Tag Skills, looked at a few ink blots, picked Trigger Discipline and Wild Wasteland as my Traits, and left Mitchy’s house to explore to Mojave Wasteland.
Unlike something like a Rolling Pin, the .22 Pistol is readily available from Goodspring’s General Store. Chet had the Pistol itself, 100 standard rounds, and 11 hollow points; more than enough to last until I find a new vendor. I sold what I could except for the 10mm Pistol and Caravan Shotgun that come from the DLC because I felt selling them would give me too many caps early on, so I dropped threw them on the ground, picked up my weapon, got the Varmint Rifle from Sunny Smiles to sell later, and let my adventure begin.
Back in the Prospector Saloon, I "bonked" Trudy and Joe Cobb, went outside to “bonk” Easy Pete and a Settler who happened to be passing by, I "bonked" another Settler who was tending to his crops, "bonked" Ringo inside the Gas Station, returned to Doc Mitchell’s house to "bonk" him and continue ransacking his house, "bonked" a few cows, "bonked" Cheyenne and Sunny Smiles inside the Prospector Saloon, sold to Chet what I’d picked up from the corpses, left Chet alive and alone in Goodsprings, and was off to Primm.
Before I’d even left Goodsprings I proved myself to be quite capable with the .22 Pistol by “bonking" a puppy on a far off mountain. On the way to Primm, I "bonked" two Powder Gangers behind Jean Sky Diving, "bonked" two more and left them to rot in each others arms, got a sneak peak of Warner Brother’s upcoming Godzilla vs Kong movie, and was near Primm. I had decided not too long ago that I’d be siding with the NCR. But they’ll forgive all the crimes you committed before dealing with Benny in the Tops, so I "bonked" a Trooper so that I’d be able to disguise myself as an NCR soldier later on. Then I "bonked" another because I couldn’t have low quality. I’m a princess, after all.
I defiled the dead bodies in the Sheriff’s house to steal his Cowboy Repeater and entered the Vikki and Vance Casino. Johnson Nash had some .22LR (Long Rifle) ammo, but not nearly as much as I was hoping he’d have. The citizens of Primm are lucky that I’m the kind of person who does the right thing without needing a reward.
I walked through the doors of the Bison Steve Hotel and let my slaughter begin. Slowly but surely, the Convicts inside died to my little pee-shooter. Now’s a good time to mention that the .22 Pistol isn’t entirely useless if you can’t get a sneak bonus. The .22 Pistol does 9 damage per shot, but it has a higher chance to land critical shots than most other firearms. Critical shots do 3x damage. A successful sneak attack guarantees a critical hit while also doing 2x damage, so you’re effectively dealing 6x damage with a successful sneak attack. The Guns skill also has a role to play.


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how far can you get in fallout 76 before the game fucks up. you might not get ten minutes of footage to use but you know
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Mitten Squad wtf you killed good springs
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wow I can see why that gun sucks :/
6:59 sure you didn't.
The bot Behind the slaughter
4:50 LMFAO
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He patches u up every run and still u proceed to take half of his belongings on a maniac rampage through the postapocalyptic desert.
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Every hitman 2 kill everyone challenge in a nutshell
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I'm from Michigan and can confirm that what he did at 6:31 is a very sacred ritual very few can accomplish.
Gilhelmi پیش 9 روز
What people need to understand, in Fallout: NV, there is no bad weapon. It's just knowing how to use all the different weapons. The only exceptions are bugged weapons (like the C-Finder), but they would even be good if they worked as intended.
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Looks like a ruger mk 2 or 3.
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''I'm not that clever''
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So I was a high level and had 100 points into sneak. I had armor that gave me a high critical hit chance and a anti material rifle with hollow points. I thought it would be a good idea to clear out quarry junction so I set out to go kill a bunch of death claws. I jumped up on the rocks and killed a few until I ran out of ammo and the only thing that I had was the 22 pistol and a lot of bullets. So basically I used a combination of stealth boys (for sneak bonus), high crit chance armor and the 22 pistol. After about an hour and a half of sitting on rocks and staying hidden I cleared the whole quarry and got myself a nice machine gun at the end.
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Fun fact: the silenced 22. Pistol is just a Ruger
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"I have vendetta against everyone who isn't me". Gary?
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This gun is actually really, REALLY good. At least for normal and lower. It could deletes most of the enemies with correct ammo, with only exception of deathclaws and other very tanky enemies on OBW. Furthermore, if you didn't do the challenge, you could switch to Abilene Kid LE BB gun, which is the most powerful completely-silent gun in the game. This gun could kill most unarmoured enemies, including adult deathclaws. The only downside of this gun is, you can't use AP bullets, so heavily armor enemies might be a bit of problem. And BB ammo is surprisingly rare
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"The point of the playthrough is to only damage FRIENDS AND FOES with the 22 pistol"
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I don't think Oliver wasn't actually giving you the middle finger he does the animation because the game expects you to come from the area where he runs off to so he's giving the middle finger to Nepton and probably the legion.
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fallout new vegas: you've lost karma for killing neutral NPCs! Mitten Squad: oh no! Mitten Squad: anyways... continues chopping off arms and legs from dead NPCs*
LoreNMore Reviews
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I tried this run out and it was pretty fun. The best way to do it is to stay in good springs and buy all the 22 ammo from Chet then rinse and repeat. I walked out of good springs with almost 400 standard rounds and 200 hollow points.
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6:30 As a fellow Michigander I can say that we all do this ritual.
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4:52 plot twist he killed him already and just recorded himself saying he wasn’t gonna kill him
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Day 97 of asking Mitten Squad if he is a sociopath
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If NV was made by Bethesda. “Killed Chet-“ Chet was knocked unconscious. “Ok, killed Cheyenne-“ Cheyenne was knocked unconscious. “Fine, killed a random settler-“ All npcs aren’t able to die.
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A real challenge for this game, is Beating it normally.
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Can you beat fallout new Vegas without losing karma?
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Exterminatus of the Mohave via 22 silencer. Well done purging the heretics brother.
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Dude I just found this out apparently there is a silenced 22 pistol for free in his cabinet. Could be different for other people
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Can you beat fallout new vegas with a rolling pin
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Mitten Squad in 2069: Can you beat life without taking any damage?
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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas by only sneaking?
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‘Can you beat fallout New Vegas?’, no the title should be ‘Can you kill everyone in the Mojave wasteland?’
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Thanks for the laughs, man! "I would've killed them, but a brahmin was watching, and I didn't want the traumatize the poor beast" *standing in the pile of bodies you've just dismembered in front of said brahmin* That made me laugh aloud :D
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I like the silenced pistol..
Konrad Alexander Prinz von Hessen
Anybody else thinking the silenced 22. Pistol is based off the Welrod?
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This was so funny :)
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This video should be how to decrease population of mojave by 99% with shitty pistol
Fun fact, the .22 pistol is based off of the Ruger MK.III
hey bro
hey bro پیش ماه
The max damage with the 22 pistol is 108
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Godsped Myguy پیش ماه
Excuse me sir what were your tag skills
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Guns sneak and medicine
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Dude, you forgot the doctors at Old Mormon Fort! No one shall be spared!
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The Genocide Route
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We have a .45 _We have a silenced .22_
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11:48 im putt9ing this here for myself
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I guess i know what gun to take to cause chaos
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>This causes a memory leak. >Too bad! >This is a terrible weapon. >Too bad! >But it's mitten squad who's using it. >Oh no!
AdrianTheMetagross Gamer
Good thing i deleted my other comment or i would have been the one *not beating life with not getting shot by a silenced 22. Pistol*
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how could you kill smiles or doc
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molho de cascalho پیش ماه
this video should be named “Can you beat Fallout New Vegas playing like a cop”
JSD پیش ماه
nah cause then he would have only killed unarmed civilians
Thomas Boone
Thomas Boone پیش ماه
Something about killing doc doesn’t make me feel right
PeanutButter پیش ماه
Yeah the guns really bad even after you fucking snipe the coyote across the fucking Mojave
Reilly Walker
Reilly Walker پیش ماه
Buying boxes of plinking rounds is the best option if you're trying to stock up on .22 ammo. They do only 80% of normal damage, but they don't multiply the enemy's damage threshold nor degrade one's gun faster than regular ammo. They're also ridiculously cheap.
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Marius Damian پیش 2 ماه
Love your videos
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Alternate title: can you commit mass genocide in fallout new vegas
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش 2 ماه
BuddyX06 پیش 2 ماه
how come his .22 did so much mroe damage than when i tried it with the same skills?
BuddyX06 پیش 2 ماه
@Aydrian Tregowyn fair enough I was playing on normal lol
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش 2 ماه
He was probably playing on a low difficulty
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You sneekie breekied through the whole game.
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The .22 bandit strikes again... All over the Mojave wasteland
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Alternative title can you beat fallout new Vegas with nerf gun
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Who won the lottery? I DID
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So does increasing intelligence increase xp?
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش 2 ماه
@The Gaming Slav you're welcome
The Gaming Slav
The Gaming Slav پیش 2 ماه
Ok thanks for the info
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش 2 ماه
It increases the amount of skill points you get each level up but not xp
Just a Sana Fanboy
Just a Sana Fanboy پیش 2 ماه
Shitty content
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش ماه
Didn't think so IDIOT
Aydrian Tregowyn
Aydrian Tregowyn پیش 2 ماه
Care to explain why?
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alternative title: Fallout New Vegas Genocide Run with a Silenced.22 pistol
my fortnite got HACKED?!