Can You Beat Fallout: New Vegas With Only A Rolling Pin? 

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There are so many great weapons in Fallout New Vegas, it’s almost impossible to pick a bad one. But there’s one weapon that nothing can save, a weapon with absolutely no redeeming qualities. Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Rolling Pin?
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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas With Only A Rolling Pin? (in text form)
Our SPECIAL Stats this time around aren’t anything crazy. It’s the same setup you’d use in a normal melee-only build. But because I don’t want to be reliant on Speech, I dropped the points out of Charisma and put them into Agility. Strength is at 10, obviously. Perception deals with Energy Weapons, Lockpick, and Explosives, so it’s not that useful. Intelligence at 9 lets us level up faster and Endurance at 9 ensures we aren’t a wet noodle once we get into the Mojave. For Skills, we go with Melee Weapons, Survival, and Lockpick. And for Traits, we have Skilled to boost all skills, and Wild Wasteland because why not.
After looting Doc Mitchell’s house, my first stop was the General Store to sell Doc Mitchell’s stuff and pick up a few Stimpaks. I also sold all the weapons that came from the DLC packs. And here’s the first challenge. This is a Rolling Pin only playthrough, which means using fists is out of the question. So… I have to find a Rolling Pin. Sounds easy, right? Well, sort of. They have a chance of spawning inside Metal Boxes, but there aren’t many boxes in Goodsprings. You can use the Fallout Wiki to see exactly where Rolling Pins are located, which is what I used.
The first stop is Primm to get a quest started. A Rolling Pin is important, but more important at the moment is getting my Melee Weapons skill up as quickly as I can. When Johnson Nash didn’t have a Rolling Pin, I ransacked his house, but still didn’t find one. I knew where one was, it was just a real pain to get there. Novac. Lovely. On the way out there, I discovered Hidden Valley and passed through Scorpion-ville. This was not the best idea I’ve ever had. It took a good while, but I finally got my Rolling Pin. I stole it from Cliff Briscoe’s Bungalow. I finally had my weapon, and man do I look pretty cool now.
Now that I can defend myself, it was time to bash in some skulls. I started with the Convicts in Primm who were mean to me earlier. Then I ventured south towards Mojave Outpost. The Jackal Gang Members out that way, specifically their leader, proved to be the first of many challenging foes who would ultimately fall before my mighty Rolling Pin. After arriving at Mojave Outpost, I took a job from Ranger Jackson, who wanted me to kill some ants. I killed the ants and made a big decision. Thus far, this run didn’t seem to be challenging enough. So I upped the difficulty to Normal from Very Easy. This isn’t supposed to be a cake walk.
Not long after making things harder for myself, I discovered something that almost negated that. Almost. One of my concerns was weapon degradation. Was, weapon degradation. Turns out that Major Knight is a pretty handy fella, and he’s also cheap. He can repair my darling Rolling Pin up to 100% for just a handful of caps. With my weapon essentially being immortal, I thought it a good time to go rescue Deputy Beagle from the Escaped Convicts. The leader was tough to kill, but he finally went down after I bonked him on the back of the head really hard.
Primm needs leadership and considering what’s coming, it felt right to have the NCR takeover the town. Johnson Nash seems like the kind of guy who’d enjoy paying taxes. With the town safe, I was off to check on Nipton for Ranger Ghost.


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Ko ツ
Ko ツ پیش 13 روز
1M congratulations 🎉🎊
Jack Maney
Jack Maney پیش 14 روز
"Intelligence at 9 lets us level up faster." Nope, that's how Intelligence works in Fallout 4. In New Vegas, it gets you more skill points per level.
Rafael Geraldo
Rafael Geraldo پیش 16 روز
You should've picked a female character wearing nothing but a pre-war parkstrolling outfit for the cliché 50's naggy sitcom housewife ensemble
Matias پیش 23 روز
Sounds like you can only beat it with a rolling pin by sheer dumb luck.
maximum man plays
maximum man plays پیش 24 روز
I got an irritated rolling pin in fallout 4.
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My cats name is Ethel
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Can you beat any of the Fallout DLCs with only a rolling pin?
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his character is surprisingly Mans1ay3r-esque
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The IRitemr Boffy is a more psychopathic and slightly less sarcastic version of Mitten Squad
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Can you beat fallout new Vegas without beating fallout new vegas
Tomato soup
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This guy would be great at cinemasins
edwin پیش 2 ماه
In repcon you can just take a tour instead of killing the robots
Gaara of the FUNk!
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My fav of all your runs thus far. Well, this and the Skyrim Fork Run 😂 Thank you for brighten up my days with your uploads 🥰 *watching this while recovering from surgeries*
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I am not a man
Nixoth پیش 3 ماه
Omg amazing! Also, i decided to try an endurance of 1 run, with the idea of using stealth and guns to progress. Stealth sucks in this game so this run isnt for the faint of heart
Gaysexual Nerd
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"did some sweet parkour" *fails*
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8:29 Every had a 3some?
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Can you beat Fallout: New Vegas by only using stealth attacks?
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And rolling pinz
Courier 6
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He brutally bludgeoned a bunch of people. Man this guy is the best.
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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas with only a Rolling Pin?
Shoulda done Heavyhanded to at least slightly compensate for the rolling pin's abysmal damage. Not like crits help it anyway.
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8:25 Half Life 3 confirmed.
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When je said i am not siding with yes Man i way soo happy .
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He didn’t kill grandma sparkles
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2:08 the dinossaurs in the background
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Mittens:"No resurections this time" Me: "i understood that reference"
Freddie B in tha place 2 be
Major knight my favorite person in the NCR. His repair skill goes up when you use him and he's cheap asf.
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He does know that you can do the tour at repcon to avoid getting murdered if you can't pick the lock
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Your videos are dumb, I love them.
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God bless and heal you
Cobra Storm
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“...Johnson Nash seemed like the kind of guy who would like to pay taxes...” Hello, this is the IRS- would you like a job?
Cheese Block
Cheese Block پیش 10 ماه
Imagine when America is rebuilt in the FO universe there teaching kids about the person who saved los Vegas a man with a rolling pin...
Escuro پیش 10 ماه
Given that you have luck at 1, heavy handed would've been a better trait. May as well weaken those crits seeing as how they'll be rare as fuck. I am aware this video is old. But you see, I excel at giving useless advice in regards to things that have already happened. It's what makes me special.
Zack Attack
Zack Attack پیش 10 ماه
Not even making your rolling pin character like Muriel smh
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I’m doing this in fallout 4 and it’s absolutely terrible 😂
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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas with only your nose?
Tim Just Me really
Tim Just Me really پیش 11 ماه
Legat Lanius changed his mind when he saw your mighty Rolling pin! He won't fight against an opponent which's THAT powerful! :D
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angus jones پیش 11 ماه
grandma is fucking jacked
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Get em girls
Lorem Ipsum
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10:20 Im now siding Mr. House and marked that Victor from Goodsprings in the same status
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I know it depends on what you set out to do in these games, but fuck, man, it still breaks my heart to see that Charisma option being completely drained. :'(
Danko Jones
Danko Jones پیش 11 ماه
You didn't kill the Legate. Glitches don't count.
Chris پیش 11 ماه
The stash never shows up for me either
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Seeing the Charisma 2 title gets me every single time. "Vegetable"
Alejandro Velasquez
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"I suffered through this stupid idea so you don't have to" Me, just creating my character for my rolling pin-only run: what?
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How do you always make these videos fun to watch
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🎶rolling pin on his hip🎶
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"Can you repair my rolling pin?" "What's with the blood and brains on it?" "Never you mind"
Invid of INP
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If it was my grandma, then yes.
Ryan Sherlock
Ryan Sherlock پیش سال
I love these videos because some goofy/wierd shit always happens when you don't expect it to and it really makes my day.
Landon Smith
Landon Smith پیش سال
Like he said there are a lot of good weapons a good load out Is The rats layer chambered in 223 The lmg with 556 The anti material rifle The medicine stick Trail carbine Hunting shotgun Paciencia
LaryngitisNation n
LaryngitisNation n پیش سال
"Johnson Nash seems like he'd like to pay taxes"
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Make a video listing "all the ways to die in fallout new vegas" with some funny background movie
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Can you beat Fallout: New Vegas while using only one hand? This means attacking, moving, etc, has to be only used for one hand only, you cannot bring your non-dominant hand in to do anything, no matter what.
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Hello my friend I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me to creat a fall out new Vegas Character which I named chick in thug it he will be joining the Great cons to start and wearing raider or there armor I am mostly going to use shotguns Anything that you can throw explosives And the flame nothing to crazy though No many nukes of rocket launchers or things like that
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if drugs are ok can you poison your rolling pin with various poisons? Weapon binding ritual etc.
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Can you beat fallout new Vegas by only quickscoping with a guess rifle
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Can you beat fallout 3 and new Vegas without gaining or losing karma
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He did not kill the Legate, but he killed the Centurions xDD
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babushka mode
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Can you beat Fallout New Vegas without saving
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idk why all of your challenges are on easy, hardly makes it a challange
Aleksandar Tanev
Aleksandar Tanev پیش سال
Get the Wild Wasteland perk and do the escort mission for the Garretts. Once you exit the factory where you find Fisto, three grannies with rolling pins will attack you.
Tyler N
Tyler N پیش سال
A rolling pin: 1 fucking damage A BFG 9000: 500 damage
Some Canine
Some Canine پیش سال
>Decides to let NCR take over Primm and force Johnson Nash to pay taxes This guy understands democracy.
Brody Imlay
Brody Imlay پیش سال
Dude it’s 4 AM and I need to work in three hours. I don’t even own Fallout: NV. Fuck your channel for being so addictive and funny that I fuck myself harder than my Uncle Rob fucked me for my 6th birthday.
TechnicTitan پیش سال
Repairing a RollingPin?
Matthew Cobalt
Matthew Cobalt پیش سال
Would you hate me if I told you that I managed to get two rolling pins in Doc Michell's Closet on my first try?
I dont know about that man
*grandmas has entered the chat*
Unhumanized پیش سال
*the immortal rolling pin*
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Would it have been against your rules to carry multiple rolling pins?
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Could Pearl be Old Lady Palmer???
robert A
robert A پیش سال
Why do I find his commentary funny af
Rob77niner پیش سال
Me: Grandma I’m full. Grandma:
Hahaha d prectorian have a balistic weapons if you a to close to d leget tey hitim by mistaike
qwormuli پیش سال
Wait, Jackals firing AKs and AUGs? I sense a dirty loadorder, you rapscallion. Also, you should be able to complete RepConn from start to finish without lockpicking or science, with a bit of trickiness.
Unknown Legend
Unknown Legend پیش سال
What does W.W. do again?
Pander TV
Pander TV پیش سال
You know when i first met Swanick i thought he actually won a lottery and i killed him hoping to get a bunch of money I was pretty fucking dissapointed
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logan s پیش سال
fallout 4 with only a rocker launcher
N-Crash56 پیش سال
80% more damage to kids!
Vault Boya
Vault Boya پیش سال
"Oliver couldn't arrive until the praetorians were dead. And that sucked. Oh my god did that suck." XD your suffering amuses me paul
TheWorst JoJo
TheWorst JoJo پیش سال
Actually the rolling pin can be overpowered if you use a certain glich they gives it over 1000damage
Jenson_Levi پیش سال
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That end part was a load of bullshit. The only reason I watched the video was to see this guy kill the legate with a kithen tool, and then that happens
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Sheldon Downing پیش سال
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turtlemaster 5000
turtlemaster 5000 پیش سال
>chooses wild wasteland >rolling pin only playthrough >NOT KILLING THE 3 THUG GRANNIES IN FREESIDE literally unwatchable. Y U do dis to us mitten?
ReZisT Lust
ReZisT Lust پیش سال
Why attack mom, mom dad & mom mom?
Why not Dean
Why not Dean پیش سال
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Alex Tandos پیش سال
did you seriously have the difficulty on very easy? this game is incredibly easy even when on very hard
SimplyStimulating پیش سال
Best weapon in the game
America پیش سال
Raquel did not have power armor when I played last
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