Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas At Level 1? 

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As you play through New Vegas, you level up and become more powerful. You increase your SPECIAL stats, you put points into various skills, you get perks, all sorts of great things happen. But what if none of that happened? Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas At Level 1?
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Can You Beat Fallout New Vegas At Level 1? (in text form)
To get things started, we need to explain how this works. You can’t not level up in New Vegas. Experience points are given to you for completing quests, killing people, discovering locations, etc. They can’t be avoided. However, we can use console commands to set ourselves back to level 1 every time we level up. But that’s not enough. Not even close. So we’re also going to set every SPECIAL stat to 1, every Skill to 0, and remove almost every perk we get. Now that we know what’s going on, we can get started with the game.
Because we’re striping ourselves of SPECIAL and skills, what we choose is irrelevant. Remember 34 words ago when I said “almost every perk”? This is where that comes in. I’m taking the Skilled perk which adds 5 points to every skill while decreasing experience earned by 10%. I waited until after I got the Pip-Boy to lower everything just so I could make sure they were actually decreasing.
Out in the world and my first stop was the General Store to buy as much ammo as Chet offered. With my Guns skill at 0, I’ll need as many bullets as I can carry to protect myself out in the wasteland. Then I spoke to Sunny Smiles to add a Varmint Rifle to my collection of weapons and killed everyone in the Prospector Saloon as well as Easy Pete.
Once they were dead, I began heading East so that I could start my journey to The Strip. Something I neglected to mention was that because some armors provide stats boosts, I just decided to not wear any armor at all. This, more-so than my lackluster skills, proved to be the real challenge. Even on Easy, the Powder Gangers south of Sloan were an actual threat. A few shots is all it takes to drain my hit points.
I discovered Sloan, I lured a Deathclaw into the area, hoping that they’d all kill each other, discovered Neil’s Shack, and killed an NCR Trooper so I could camouflage my way into Camp Mccarran and get into the Strip. Then I remembered that I outlawed armor, so I just speared the guards and took myself onto the Monorail to finally arrive at The Strip.
Luckily, I have the Ultimate Edition of New Vegas, which grants me a few extra weapons from the various DLCs included. I used the Grenade Rifle and put my life on the line as I blasted grenades at the Chairmen in the Tops casino. I killed them, killed Benny, leveled up then de-leveled myself, talked to Yes Man, got my payment from Mr House, watched his presentation, killed him after barely making it into his chambers, and began meeting the nearby tribes. The Legion were up first. As I ventured out to Cottonwood Cove, I ran across a Blind Deathclaw. I assumed that because he was blind, I could run right passed him. As he rained blows upon me, I discovered just how wrong I was. I could have taken a different path. I could have avoided him altogether. But that’s too easy. I eventually blew his head off with a shotgun. Then, once I started entering the canyon area near Cottonwood Cove, I remembered that there was no reason for me interact with the Legion.


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A few of you probably saw some or part of this video last night. I deleted it because it wasn’t supposed to be Public until today. I accidentally set the release date for 11:45am on January 10 instead of 11:45am on January 11. So when the video finished uploading, instead of being scheduled for January 11, it just because public. And I didn’t have the thumbnail finished when it was uploaded, so it would have been taken down either way.
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