Can You Beat Fallout 4 As Andre The Giant? 

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There are a lot of people who’ve lived in the history of people. Some of them were astonishingly small. Benjamin Button, that was a.. a small little guy. And I’ve already beaten Fallout 3 as him, so I need some way to take that idea to the next level. Can You Beat Fallout 4 As Andre The Giant?
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Can You Beat Fallout 4 As Andre The Giant? (in text form)
You’re probably wondering what I mean when I say “as Andre The Giant”. The general idea here, the core concept, is the opposite of my “Can You Beat Fallout 3 As Benjamin Button” video. In that video, every 15 minutes I shrunk my character size by like 5%. In this video, as I said, I’m doing the opposite. Every 15 minutes I increase my size by 10%. If you’re wondering why I put “Andre the Giant” in the title, it’s because he had gigantism, the condition that basically means you never stop growing. Seemed… appropriate.
Unlike the Fallout 3 video I’ve already mentioned, the timer starts immediately, it doesn’t matter when or where I am when the timer ends, after 15 minutes is up, ya boi grows up a bit. I tried a little to make myself look like Andre the Giant but I couldn’t be bothered to pull up a picture of him and to be honest I didn’t care if I looked anything like a giant. I breezed through Vault Tec’s interview, named me, and spread out SPECIAL Points. Without putting too much thought into it, this felt like a fairly fair distribution of points for the 8th wonder of the world. War happened, I left my wife and my life behind, fled to the Vault, rode down into Hell, got my blue and yellow attire, this obtuse cutscene ate up a lot of my time, I emerged, and began making my way through the Vault.
For once in my life, I can actually play through the tutorial section of Fallout 4 like a normal person. I can pick up the Security Baton, I can step on puny bug, take damage, use the gun, open the door, pick up the PipBoy, and escape the Vault as if this was a normal playthrough. It isn’t, trust me. Before escaping, I’d used the player.setscale command to increase my size by 5%, right after I got to the surface I fixed that problem by setting it up to 10% like I was supposed to. By this point, there’s a chance you’re curious about where the challenge comes from. You’re bigger. So what?
You wanna know what? I’ll tell you what. As I get bigger, a serious of metaphysical and sociological changes will begin to unfurl like a fruit by the meter stick candy fruit roll. As I take my place as an absolute unit, I’ll be taller, I’ll run faster, I’ll jump higher, I might do more damage with melee weapons I’m not entirely sure about that, and most importantly, I’ll take up more space. You might not think much of that now, but at a certain point, if left to grow unchecked by imaginary chains, you would become so big that even when crouching you can’t open doors or you’ll clip through the ceiling whenever you’re indoors and won’t be able to see where you’re going. Probably. Those are probably problems that may or may not possibly arise.
After doing stuff in Sanctuary to fill time while I explain stuff, I meandered over to the Red Rock Filling Station, ignored the dog, and arrived in Concord. Time was of the essence, this was almost like an inverse speed run. If I’m not fast enough, I will slowly reach a point where the game doesn’t function properly. Also, most of the time the only time the timer stops is when the game crashes or if I pause the game to do something involving substances that are legal in Michigan now.


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Can you beat fallout 4 with only the security baton?
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