Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Your Fists? 

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There are weapons in Fallout 3. Big weapons, small weapons, good weapons, and bad weapons. But what about no weapons at all? Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Your Fists?
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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Your Fists? (in text form)
After thanking all the guests for coming to my birthday party and playing drop the glass, I hopped up on because I wanted to touch the pretty helium sacks. Then I got stuck on the table. I resolved the issue by sitting and went down to the basement to kill me a bug. I know what you’re thinking, “you have to use a BB Gun!”. That’s true except for the part where it’s not true at all. You can use VATS to stomp on the roach. Then when you somehow mess up something as simple as stepping on a bug, you can just punch it.
New problem: You’re trapped in bug world. There’s an invisible wall. I thought this was the “all is lost in space” moment, luckily Daddy-O gets close enough that you can use VATS to teleport yourself back to reality.
Then it was time to take the GOAT. I wanted to take it, really I did. But Mr Brotch took a bit of a stumble down the stairs. So I saved us both some time by choosing my own skills. I went with Medicine, Speech, and Unarmed. The Vault escape was what you’d expect. The Guards were the toughest people in the Vault, but even they couldn’t stand up to Fistonia, because she hits like a Hippo with Downs Syndrome and has a personality like a piece of plywood.
Out of the Vault, I sold most of the weapons and ammo I’d collected to Crazy Wolfgang, entered Megaton, snuck into Moriarty’s Saloon, hacked into his terminal, did a sweet jump off a roof that broke both my legs, and was off to find Galaxy News Radio. On my way to GNR I stopped by Super Duper Ultra Mega Mart to see what sort of exciting pharmaceutical items they had in stock. I killed a lot of Raiders, went outside, tried to cave in Bryan Wilks’ head but remembered that I don’t have the lovable children mod installed, pretended to be Michael Vic, returned to Moira Brown to sell a bunch of items, entered the Subway system, and fought Ghouls for the first time. The Roamers are a force to be reckoned with, but the normal Ferals are a pushover. Super Mutants are also pretty tough
I killed two more Super Mutants and encountered Sarah Lyons of Cat Club and robbed the corpse of her dead friend. We fought our way through a ruined building full of Super Mutants, in which they stole a lot of my kills. Then came the big one, the Super Mutant Behemoth. Without the Fat Man, Feline Fanatics did their best to topple the giant, but as usual it fell on me to slay the beast.
The Behemoth was no match for the freak with five fingers. Then I spoke to Three Dog, predictably failed a Speech check, and was headed to the Washington Monument for the first time ever. I passed through another tunnel system, killed more Ghouls, waltzed into a minefield where Raiders and Ghouls were battling it out, only set off a few mines, killed the Raiders, ran around looking for a bed, found one, slept, returned to the tunnels, and finally made it outside where a lot of Super Mutants were waiting to take advantage of a beautiful girl like myself.
One-on-one, the Mutants are mostly just a nuisance, but with several shooting me from all directions, it’s what I call a sticky situation. What’s even stickier is that they can run backwards faster than I can run forwards, making unarmed attacks especially annoying to land.


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6:01 we always say that jesus was a super mutant maybe the super mutants are jesus clones.
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Can you beat Fallout 3 without wearing any armor at all ?
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Religious Karens: The Museum of Technology aka The Museum of Man-made Bulshit and Lies That Are Blasphemous Because God is The Answer To All Questions!
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tutorial: brush him پیش 2 ماه
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An absolute IDIOT
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play dishonored 2 without the outsiders mark
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Corwin Harper پیش 3 ماه
I know this probably will go unread but if anybody does see this can you tell me why every time Paul puts an end to Grandma sparkle why does his game crash. Still hilarious and I love your videos bro 💯 not even a Skyrim fan but I watch those too
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Ahh i haven't heard a Michael Vick joke since Far Cry 3. Take your like and subscibe
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Fallout 3 but you are blind
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