Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Frag Mines? 

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Most of the weapons in Fallout 3 are designed to do direct damage to an enemy. A baseball bat, for example, slams against someone’s face and shatters it. But there’s a weapon that requires more patience than almost anything else in the game. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Frag Mines?
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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only Frag Mines? (in text form)
Frag Mines, like all other Explosive weapons, get their potency from the Explosives skill, which itself is determined by your Perception, but also Luck, which effects the starting level of all skills. Those two are all that matter. Endurance is good to have so you can take some damage, Intelligence helps Medicine and getting more skill points when leveling up, and Agility is useful for sneaking.
At some point between my first and ninth birthday I somehow managed to escape Vault 101 and make my way into Vault 69, the vault that’s 999 women and 1 man. The usual birthday party stuff happened, though the number of women with mustaches was a bit off putting. Down in the basement I encounter the first and biggest problem of this run: the Radroach. There are only 2 ways to proceed beyond this point: the roach dies, or we clip through the wall and play the game as a child which, as I became far too familiar with in my Fallout 3 Without Attacking Anything run, presents its own set of horrible problems.
I spent a while brainstorming ideas to deal with situation. The only requirement is that the roach dies. The quest says to kill it with the BB gun, but in my Fist only run I punched it to death, which means that Bethesda lied to me again. In a previous video, I discovered that Molerats in Smith Casey’s Garage can die if they run into objects a certain way. It’s the same reason the flying objects in my Baby playthrough did damage to various creatures.
So, reloaded a prior save to pick up every conceivable object I could find, which weren’t all that many, went back down to the basement, I had a baseball hat, a few party hats, a child’s jumpsuit, a magazine, 2 coffee mugs, a drinking glass, 2 forks, and 4 white plates. And then there’s the BBs themselves. Drop all 50 at once and you get a single object. But drop them one by one and each BB counts as its own object, though they’re not actual BBs, they’re these little tray things that hold BBs. You get 50 when you get the BB Gun. If for some reason you manage to miss all 50 shots, Dad can give you 30 more. You don’t have to waste them, though. Just drop the initial 50 on the ground, tell Dad you need more, and you’re up to 80 BBs. This process can be repeated as many times as you’d like. Because I’m a psychopath and I hate myself, I kept going until I had 1000 BBs.
There’s a roughly 6% chance to miss the roach when you use VATS to attack it with your fists, which is how you get over the barrier. Then there’s the actual dropping part which is just about the worst thing you can imagine. Not only is death a preferable alternative to communism, it’s also a preferable alternative to this. After several millennia, I had dropped about 1000 BBs on the ground. Unfortunately but not exactly unsurprisingly, this didn’t work. Like, not even a little bit. Then, because I was curious, I used console commands to speed up the game, just to see if the BBs flying around would kill it. Not only did they not kill the roach, they blinked out of existence like Benjamin Button.


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I'm conflicted about the radroach. On one hand, it's in the game's tutorial area and thus I don't think anything that happens there is something that can be held against you; when the game wants you to do one specific thing in one specific way and your only recourses are glitches and console commands, there's no real point in calling it part of the real game. On the other hand, the shenanigans you put yourself through to be as true to the challenge from the very beginning of a new character all the way to the end are hilarious and sometimes lead to neat discoveries. Same applies for the Helgen escape and Fallout 4 starting area; they're not part of the real game, but the lasting effects of breaking them can be funny to watch.
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DavExtra پیش ماه
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Every time a scripted event forces you to do a action or follow a certain path with no way avoid damage or using a item, is not a failure. Knowing where the game allows or forbids a certain strategy is the part that actually makes me watch.
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