Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick? 

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Fallout games often have weapons that you can only obtain certain way, like finding it at a specific location or after completing a quest. Sometimes they’re a powerful reward for a job well done, and sometimes… they’re not. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick?
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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Repellent Stick? (in text form)
I named myself Rufus, tried to look as much like a mole rat as possible, had a lovely chat with father who immediately left which shouldn’t have surprise me. Nowhere in the world is a hat more useless than in an underground bunker. The Repellent Stick is a melee weapon which makes Strength at 10 a necessity, Luck is at 10 to boost all stats, and I left the rest at 4 because in the past when I’ve gone all-in on 3 SPECIAL stats the perks I can choose in the beginning are usually garbage.
Aside from making myself one with the balloon as best I could and following the Overseer to hear him call me a brat, the birthday was about as exciting as a birthday could be, I killed the rad roach in the basement because, as I’ve said in other videos, this can’t be skipped. It’s effectively a requirement to kill the roach to proceed, so I did it and actually took the GOAT for the first time in the history of ever. I tried looking at someone else’s test to see what they answered but it didn’t help, that question was a doozy. Unfortunately it didn’t matter since I got to pick my skills anyway: Lockpick, Medicine, and Melee Weapons.
Before escaping the vault, I helped Butch by failing my attempt to convince him to go stomp on the roaches, so I gave him a BB Gun and he killed the roaches, saving his stupid mother. I got the gun back and his jacket as a thank you. If I was smart I would have ran off after giving him the BB gun, maybe the Overseer seeing him with it would make him sentence Butch to death by волк (bonk). The rest of the escape was about what you’d expect. Threaten the Overseer’s daughter, avoid his goons, and you’re out of the vault.
My first stop was Megaton because there’s only one place in the game where you can find a Repellent Stick. Both involve entering Craterside Supply. You can pick a lock that requires a lock pick skill of 75, or you can do the Wasteland Survival Guide side quest, because one of the objectives is to test the Repellent Stick out on Mole Rats. There’s just one slight, little, tiny problem. There are 3 chapters to the Wasteland Survival Guide quest and the Repellent Stick can’t be obtained until you start chapter 2. The good news is that the quest is sort of a way to introduce various mechanics to the player, almost like an advanced tutorial, so none of it is very difficult.
Objective number one was too bask in the warmth of Atom’s eternal glow. I stood in place next to a undetonated nuclear warhead that could explode at any moment for about 4 minutes until my nose started to get even bigger, which was a sign that I’d begun to mutate and that was was ready to face Moira and hopefully give her some 2nd-hand radiation sickness. After she sort of cured me, I left to gather supplies from the Super Duper Mega Mart. The mart was hit worse than I imagined. The shopping carts were in complete disarray. This is what the government secretly refers to as a Category 4 scenario. I’d put a few them back where they belonged when the bullets flying all over the place made me think that maybe video game cart pusher wasn’t the right career path for me.


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Henry’s random content X
Amato amahto am I right?
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Randomly Entertaining پیش 5 روز
10 years. That's how long I've known of Fallout 3. I've completed every quest three times, beaten the game atleast a dozen, modded it like nuts, and still enjoy it despite the 15 minute crashing requirement of playing on Windows 10 (yes, I've tried all the supposed fixes and none work) yet despite all that, I've never realized that the Wasteland Survival Guide quest is basically an advanced tutorial. I guess that goes to show how brilliant Bethesda once was.
Cody Jungwirth
Cody Jungwirth پیش 6 روز
Do a can you beat fallout 4 with only the pipe weapons
Floor پیش 12 روز
Nice, a video that describes me but without the stick.
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the sniper in minefield actually blows up the cars himself by shooting them
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“I spy with my little eye a vile whore who deserved to die” that’s a good one
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You need to say bitch more often
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4:22 "Second favorite stick" second? stick? o h g o d
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do you guys get fallout 3 to run on win10? id love to play it again. can u tell me the "trick"?
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I’m just glad someone mention Arkansas, even if he wants to erase it from Earth.
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5:04 lol
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In captions when Paul says Library, it says “LieBerry”
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“Wipe arkansas off the map” Pls don’t I live there
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1:37 There was good old BONK in subtitles! Where's the Mebeep and Oneb?
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Fallout 3 with only land mines.. maybe grenades too. Throwables only?
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He’s done it before a year ago. Just search up “Mitten Squad Frag Mine”
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Did a 360 and walked in the opposite direction... my bruh didn’t pass 3rd grade math
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Fuck you I live in Arkansas😂
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Can you beat all Fallout 3 DLCs with only a repellent stick Short Answer: Probably, but it's going to be torture
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I’ve played fallout 3 for 6 years and never have I ever knew that you could follow the overseer and he calls you a brat
Opossum پیش ماه
I might knock him out
Not Sure
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You can also skip minefield by having a decent amount of speech or luck and buying or stealing a mine of moira going outside. Blow up your legs with an explosion and wait for 24 hours to reset moira's dialogue. Go back inside and she'll ask and I quote from memory "How are those hot little potatoes? You can then lie to her and say oh yeah I was there. Yup. Totally went. In fact here's a souvenir. Giving her back the same mine you bought from her.
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I was today’s years old that I learned that officers name is the same as mine
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It looked like he had hung himself in the beginning in the vault
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I actually used this weapon for most of The Pitt DLC, Since it's a quest item it can't be removed from your inventory and basically never breaks. Was good for the Steelyard, Cracked some Trog skulls with it until I got some better gear.
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9:51 She looks like that actress. What's her name? Jennifer Lawrence. That's it.
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"blew off a few of my kneecaps" Ah, Paul, you old so-and-so
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I've always liked the repellent stick, not as a legitimate weapon, but as a pretty good joke.
Why?? Would?? you?? do?? that??
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Walrus can’t be decapitated. We have to much neck fat. Shit just bounces off.
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Push the carts down a hill and they are public domain
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4:25 A unexpected reference, but a welcoming one.
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You should use the repellent stick only in mothership zeta because it’s a quest item so you can’t loose it
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I never knew you could just leave the water purifier and let it blow up. Another way to get a bad ending
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I laughed after you said "and sometimes... they're not." Somehow this ended up with me hearing your next line as "Can you beat Halo 3 with a Repellent Stick?" and now I'm intrigued.
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I went straight to the Liebary
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He could do a 32. Cal revolver or Chinese pistol only would be funny
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can u beat fallout 2 unarmed?
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Test the repellent stick on moira
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3:55 As someone from Arkansas, I’m sad.
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5:32 360? Lol XD Oh Paul, you’re too much. Reminds me of the “180” part of the dance for Dua Lipa’s song.
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*Karen*: I would appreciate it if you wouldn't refer to women as 'thA 'b' word' all the time....thank youuu" *rolls eyes*. -Webster confirms this is the appropriate number of air-quotes for a "Karen".
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When your from arkansas
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Once chapter three, being the third chapter be reached, swingeth thou thy holy Repellent Stick toward thy foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it.
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I do chapter one all-in-one go for the Wasteland Survival Guide first I go 2 minefield then right back to the super duper Mart clear that out then when I come back before I talk to more Moira I drink lots of water at the nuke get radiation up to 90% then go you are hiding area and then jumped off to Cripple a leg go into Myra and complete all the quest only leaving the town one time
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Jacob P.
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Love her or hate her, Moira was the only reason by 10 year old brain was able to comprehend the limb crippling system and VATS.
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technically you lost fallout 3 with only the stink stick
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Haven't you ever heard of 'a block, of wood'
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You can also wait out side and then just lie to her because no one gives a rats as about karma anyway
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I now wonder. Why you couldn't have sex with Moira after that quest? Like this quest resembles somehow the quest with Red Lucy from NV (i think she was called like that). And on top of that, Moira is that stupid that it would be kind of funny to do that.
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5:05 "But on my way there i did spy with my little eye a vile whore who deserve to die" -Mitten Squad
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Can you teach me how to play fallout 3 without it crashing constantly? The hardest challenge there is
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5:32 180
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Berry Cheesecake پیش 4 ماه
Instead of a mole rat he looked more like Vladimir Putin or was that the point duh duh duh
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Luke Ingrum پیش 4 ماه
I never made it through fallout 3 the more of your videos I watch the more I see fallout 4 is just one huge copy of fallout 3 just in a new place, they just took liberty prime over there and took away your choices
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1:38 with subtitles. Looks like someone watches jschlatt
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Can you beat fallout 4 with only the pacifier perk?
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I have played fallout 3 for 100s of hours. Never have i murdered a cow with useing over 100 brutal swings as it ran away and died. I have never been that desperate or murderous. Mitten squad is a psychopath and possible serial killer. Damn man. We are watching the ramblings of a man who would kill for fun. But imma be honest. I'll still keep watching. See how this story ends.
Jonathan Hughes
Jonathan Hughes پیش 4 ماه
Aside from 'Cat Club', do you ever call Lyons Pride 'Kitten Squad'?
ejjr 2.0
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Mitten can you beat fallout (any) naked no weapons except fist and name yourself fisto
Knight for the order of the TEA
When Arkansas attacks you, hideout sometimes he tries to look for and walks on to frag mine
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*"stink stick" has been added to vocabulary*
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Loga Levaard پیش 4 ماه
I mean you could have just drank the water near the bomb and that quest takes like a minute then.
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown پیش 4 ماه
Can you beat fallout 3 with mr mittens repellant face
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown پیش 4 ماه
How to ruin someones college reputation: during a test sat to the person next to you that "No, i will not give you my test answers" and they will be kicked out of college and you will be just fine
Joel Lindqvist
Joel Lindqvist پیش 4 ماه
Mentle پیش 4 ماه
back in the day i randomly got a repellent stick that i couldn't drop and had dam near unlimited durability after beating that mission on the xbox 360
James Bray
James Bray پیش 4 ماه
Us here in Arkansas support your decision sir Mittens
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At 3:55 I was not expecting that. Arkansas never gets recognition, but when she does.... It's always negative
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Whiterun Guard پیش 4 ماه
As a native Arkansan, I fully wish for Arkansas to be removed from the map as well
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Ink Sans Mendoza پیش 4 ماه
I did this before and yes you can
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dango dudeasaures پیش 5 ماه
Epic jerma reference
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Cumulus The Cloud Main پیش 5 ماه
If your hed is making that noise, your dead im sorry.
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dimis dimis پیش 5 ماه
2:26 just drink the iradiated water instead its a thousand times faster
BDRpictures پیش 5 ماه
Died when he killed crow and his Brahmin
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David Bell پیش 5 ماه
As a man from Arkansas... you're not wrong.
StupidStudios پیش 5 ماه
“Did a 360 when I discovered the Citadel.” Does a 180
Space Dandy
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Just waited next to the nuke? Drink the water like a real man. Noob.
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