Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Mesmetron? 

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Fallout 3 has a pretty solid assortment of weaponry in it, most of which is designed to do damage to friends or foes in one way or another. But there’s one weapon that’s geared towards the more sadistic among you, a weapon that gives most of those who cross its path an unrewarding and nightmarish life as a slave. Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Mesmetron?
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Can You Beat Fallout 3 With Only A Mesmetron? (in text form)
Because the Mesmetron is an Energy Weapon, the SPECIAL attributes I’m maxing out are Perception as it’s tied to Energy Weapons, Luck because it effects all skills and, well, luck, and also Charisma to buff the Barter skill to let me get a discount on Stimpaks without having to threaten to snap a merchant in half with my bare hands, not that I could since my Strength is 1, but it’s important that they think that I could.
Dad was less than interested in looking at his little freak show, my 10th birthday party was a little weird but I’m not gonna question it, I’m sure it was just a mistake that someone forgot to get the balloons, and I went down to the basement to meet the single Jonas brother. I won’t waste too much time here because I explained in a past video why killing the radroaches with a BB gun is okay, it’s because the game forces you to do it to proceed. With the road dead, I rigged the test results in my favor by picking Barter, Energy Weapons, and Medicine as my Tag skills, and began escaping the vault.
Escaping the vault without attacking anything isn’t all that difficult, though it is annoying that Officer Ken Doll was more interested in beating me to death with his favorite toy than he was killing the radroaches. I picked up every object I could on my way out of the Vault, escaped, leveled up once I was outside, put the points into Energy Weapons and Medicine, and had 2 whole perks to pick from. I chose Intense Training to try to raise my Intelligence up to the point that I could get the Educated perk.
I then arrived at Megaton, avoided the sheriff, sold everything that was worthless to me to the one woman in Megaton who likes feces, bought all her Stimpaks, spoke to Mister Burke, and was off to Paradise Falls because there’s only one Mesmetron in the base-game and it’s in Paradise Falls.
The unfortunate thing is that Paradise Falls is a good bit to the north, and there are Raiders and all sorts of unpleasantness in between me and my weapon. I lured a Raider to a group of Wastelanders and an Eyebot that took care of it rather quickly, failed at the seesaw, took a few bullets to various body parts as I discovered a new location, walked in on a Mirelurk family vacation at the ol’ swimming hole, stopped by the grocery store, and finally arrived at Paradise Falls.
The unfortunate thing is that Paradise Falls is a good bit to the north, and there are Raiders and all sorts of unpleasantness in between me and my weapon. I lured a Raider to a group of Wastelanders and an Eyebot that took care of it rather quickly, failed at the seesaw, took a few bullets to various body parts as I discovered a new location, walked in on a Mirelurk family vacation at the ol’ swimming hole, stopped by the grocery store, and finally arrived at Paradise Falls.
Grouse is not the nicest person to deal with, but he guards the entrance and won’t let you in unless you pay him 500 caps. Or, you go get him a few special clients using the Mesmetron and an explosive collar. There are a few immediate drawbacks to the Mesmetron. The first is that it takes up so much of the screen when you have it out, the next is that it only does 1 damage, it only has 50 shots initially, and ammo is absurdly expensive: 200 caps for 10 more shots.


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jack ingoff
jack ingoff پیش روز
I know i spelled it wrong so if you know how to then please inform me
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This game is so old and better than 76 god i hope elder scrolls gets what it deserves
SampledGem پیش 4 روز
This is just slavery simulator.
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we saw his face today fun fact
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Is it bad I've never heard of this Geoff Ramsey technique
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*installs a fuck ton of mods "WHY DOES MY GAME KEEP CRASHING?"😭
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blackdog1701 پیش 24 روز
You didn't need to reload a save game to get Jericho. once Megaton is destroyed Jerico will be outside the gates of the destroyed city.
Floopy Tv
Floopy Tv پیش 26 روز
i love the brain scrambler
Cyl پیش 27 روز
Whilst I don't think it should be counted as beating the game with only a mesmtron if you use a BB gun, I DO know that you can skip the radroach bit with glitches, so I'll only allow it because of that and not because of it being forced, because it being forced tends to be the reason you might question the plausibility of the challenge, otherwise there would be no reason for a singular weapon only challenge if all forced weapons are free parking.
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"Tried to enslave the president"
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I thought red was a girl
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You could've escaped as a baby
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Can you beat fallout 4 with only a bb gun
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a couple of tips on how to reduce crashes. use casm. its a way more safe auto save system. remove better game performance. use "new vegas anti crash", yes. before doing anything, make sure you delete all f3 files on the computer. including the ones in appdata and in my files. on the f3 steam discussion page is a good tutorial on how to stabilize f3 that will elaborate further mods. if done right f3 can be quite stable.
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i like how 90 percent of comments are jokes, and the other 10 is people taking it seriously
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Science Viking پیش 3 ماه
Idea for a challenge. Can you beat Fallout 3 with one hand tied behind your back? Basically, you can use any controller you want, but you can only use one hand to control the game.
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Dark Light
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If you did point lookout and got the microwave emitter you wouldn't need to use jericho
Lazy Paladin
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Ok, who else likes the Atmosphere of Paradise Falls?: Yeah I know, Slavers, Evil, Gods unloved sons and all that. But the way it looks, how defensive it seems, organisation...for Slavers, they seem to have ot alright
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Rynosaurus Rex
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I did a brief search, especially having never completed fallout 3 (I’m sorry, the game seems slower than oblivion), and I’m curious to see if you can enslave all of fallout 3 (minus the essential characters that can’t be mezzed and the non human enemies that can’t be mezzed)
- Erift -
- Erift - پیش 4 ماه
I cant be the only one who doesnt find his voicd oddly relaxing
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Hey Alfredo can you beat the dlcs with mesmatron?
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Ryan Hutchinson پیش 5 ماه
“But there’s one problem... Megaton still exists.” 😈
Xavier Jasway
Xavier Jasway پیش 5 ماه
Yea got bored tried alot of different game Play's with different guns side missions first before main mission hard but fun tried them all
Megasentry Gameing
Megasentry Gameing پیش 5 ماه
Uh mitten reds a girl
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SqualidsargeStudios پیش 5 ماه
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docette2015 پیش 5 ماه
Well, you beat the game with your horrible brain-scrambler, sure -- but given how often the game started crashing, was it really worth it? ...yes, it was, I would be just as furiously stubborn myself in that situation. XD
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I just discovered this and I do not regret it, how epic !!!
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