Can You Beat Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Without An Oz Kit? 

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The Borderlands series is notorious for its numerous ways to play through the games thanks to the different classes, weapon types, and self imposed challenges stupid people can come up with. Like, for instance, you could remove an important part of the game. Can You Beat Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Without An Oz Kit?
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Can You Beat Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Without An Oz Kit? (in text form)
There are 2 ways to go at this challenge. You can be an expletive and choose Claptrap because he doesn’t need air, meaning he doesn’t need an Oz Kit, or you can pick a human who does. I chose Handsome Jack because… why not. I spent a little while looking at skill trees for each of the characters, and I saw that Jack has a skill for Health Regeneration, and that’s when I stopped my search and chose him.
The beginning of the game is nothing of note because there’s air to breath. I awoke to a Claptrap giving me orders and leading me to my first instance of combat. Some people might like the guns that get more accurate the more you shoot, but I don’t which is ironic, I guess, since they’re Hyperion guns and I’m playing as Jack.
After[bonk]ing a few more Lost Legion Soldiers, I met Handsome Jack, saved his life, and finally got a gun that I don’t hate. He gave me a shield, explained the plan, I examined my rear,[bonk]ed the turrets, and began making my, uh, our, way to the evacuation station. Zarpedon looked creepy as [bonk], and Question Mark guy is powerful enough to stop bullets but can’t get through a cheap steel door.
We got outside, but not outside outside, because there’s still an atmosphere with air, and fought through the Legion Flight Crew and Soldiers. I leveled up and finally got my action skill, which allowed me to summon digital me’s to bring the total Jack count up to unprecedented levels of Handsome. Two newer and better guns later, I encountered the obligatory first boss with Knuckle in his name. With the impossible number of Jacks on Team Jack, Flameknuckle never stood a chance.
Back inside a building, I cleared an elevator, loaded myself inside a mobile home, and got shot to the [bonk]ing moon. Janey Springs gave me a few seconds to prepare myself to enter the void of space that lacked oxygen. Without an Oz Kit, your health gradually drains down unless you enter an Oxygen bubble or find yourself a little air ground hole to breathe from.
I explained my situation to Janey, which reminded me of my still very [bonk] dog named Janie, and ventured back outside to find myself an Oz Kit. You might be thinking that after so much time in The Pre Sequel, I’d know how the health drainy thing works. Well, I don’t. My assumption is that it drains at a fixed rate based on your total health, because later in the game is drained much faster than, like, 1 hit point per second.
To continue the main quest, I had to pick up a broken Oz Kit and give it to Janey to fix, who then returns it to me, and it automatically equips itself. You can’t beat The Pre-Sequel without ever wearing an Oz Kit, but you sure as [bonk] can rip it off your face, chuck it into the lava, and go out of your way to suffocate as often as possible.
With my Oz Kit now hopelessly lost forever, I started a side mission that had me making inspirational posters for Janey. It’s an easy mission. Just jump on the pad a few times, shoot some stuff, do a slam. Do a slam? Okay, you can’t do a slam without an Oz Kit. Unfortunate, but I’m sure this won’t come back to bite me in the [bonk] later.
I then did another side quest that involved falling into the lava on purpose, finding a few children’s stories,[bonk]ing the Son of Flamey, and returning it all to Janey.


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Tip for deadlift if you ever do another one of these challenges: a common shield can be sold that makes you immune to shock damage
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Can you beat borderlands the prequel without an oz kit Claptrap:allow me to introduce myself
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Borderlands is one of those games, that feels like you're playing a game
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Inspired by پیش ماه
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Hey Mittens, join me and a friend in a Truxican Standoff. He hates Pickle but likes Tiny Tina and I hate both of them.
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