Can You Beat Bioshock With Only The Telekinesis Plasmid? 

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Bioshock is a pretty great game. It’s no Meow Motors, but it still holds up even a decade later. There’s story, there’s atmosphere, the music, the enemies, the weapons… let’s talk about the weapons. What if you didn’t want to use weapons in the way you usually would, you know, by actually using them? Can You Beat Bioshock With Only The Telekinesis Plasmid?
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Can You Beat Bioshock With Only The Telekinesis Plasmid? (in text form)
Our journey through space and time begins in the sky where protagonist Jack Cooper is eagerly awaiting opening the Christmas gift he’d gotten from his parents. Though it was a small box with no air holes, he still hoped it was a puppy. Then we gain control, escape from the burning wreckage and come to the horrible conclusion that our possible puppy might be dead. Someone will pay for that, and that someone is me with this challenge. A ride through the liquid abyss offered a colorful view of the world below, I arrived in Rapture, Atlas rescued me, and the real game began. You see, Bioshock is a linear game, you can’t go out of your way to obtain an item early then go back and play the game with it. You get items as you progress through the game. Because of that, and the fact that certain segments of the game can’t be completed without enemies in the area dying, in our case without using the Telekinesis Plasmid, you cannot beat Bioshock with only the Telekinesis Plasmid. Now, from here, there are three ways to proceed, besides just ending the video here.
Option 1: Activate simulation mode and attack as few things as possible because ya know a normal person who just arrived in an underwater city full of radioactive maniacs wouldn’t be Rambo in a sweater. Option 2: Only use Plasmids, seems like a pretty fair substitute until you get the Telekinesis Plasmid, could still offer a challenge. Or Option 3: Things are going to die anyway, in which case it shouldn’t matter how they die if it’s not with Telekinesis plasmid, the challenge is failed regardless. What did I choose? Honestly, I didn’t remember because I stopped halfway through this playthrough in March and it’s now October. But I do remember that I spent my time pondering the situation by taking the burning couch as deep into the game as I could. Unfortunately that’s not too far. I ended up going with Option 3.
With my mind made up on how I’d proceed, I could finally start taking orders from Atlas like a big boy and as an official big boy was ready to start hallucinating as I went into the women’s bathroom with a handgun. The Minecraft role-play server owner tried to abduct a little girl, thankfully her father was there to kill him, I blasted off a couple hats with my gun, tried to go for headshots only but that wasn’t like a real challenge I just wanted to see if I could do it, and nearly made it out alive before Andrew Ryan’s goons caught up to me. Silly Atlas wouldn’t let me kill myself with the one bullet I had left.
I made my failsafe escape through Medical Pavilion, home to the extremely professionally insane facial reconstruction surgeon. It took some finagling to get into the Pavilion proper. Some rabble rousers made things complicated for me. Deeper inside, blood on the floor, a couple dead bodies, and a destroyed interior let me know that someone had a very fun afternoon. And soon enough, I’d have a fun afternoon of my own, but not now, later. To obtain the Telekinesis plasmid, I’d have to get another first: Incinerate. The power to spontaneously combust anyone I chose at any range. Also, on the topic of spontaneous combustion, leave a comment if you thought it’d be a real danger in your life as a kid. I did a lot. Not as much as I worried about velociraptors eating me at night if I slept with the door open, but still a lot. In the midst of my madness, I snagged Telekinesis, and the real game began.


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